Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Twosomes and Threesomes

Remember when wearing jean jackets and buttons wasn't ironic?

Dearest Friends,

There is a thing called the NY Funny Songs Fest and it's happening. It's all happening. And soon.

We are totally honored to be hosting a show in the festival called Twosomes and Threesomes. Doesn't the edgy title make you want to attend? Is your brain slightly tricked into thinking that if you show up you will actually witness some sexy time?

No! You are very intelligent! So you understand that we are referring to Comedy Music Performers that come in pairs and trios!

On Friday, May 31st come check out: Stuckey & Murray, Squirm and Germ, The Skivvies, The Parodivas and also US!

This will be fun. Also, The Skivvies perform in their underwear.

Mel & El

P.S. We will wear all of our clothes.