Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On Memorial Day, But For Mothers Day (Better Late Than Never)

This is just like us except for all of the ways that it is not.
Happy Memorial Day! War is a nightmare. Veterans are remarkable. Grilling is not my thing.

But I do like to do something on Memorial Day. And today I didn’t do anything particularly Memorial Day-like because I have a baby. (Drink!*)

I was supposed to meet El in the park to enjoy Nature and cheese and other wonderful things, but it was too difficult for me to coordinate with the needs of this (amazing and wonderful and I’m so grateful to have him...) newborn of mine.

I have become The Miranda in our co-defriendent relationship. Let me back up. I realize it's been tens of years since Sex and the City was a TV show, but I think many women currently in their 30's still have the habit of classifying themselves as variations on those characters. With full self-awareness and a healthy amount of self-loathing that I am even bringing this up, I share that I am now The Miranda (when she had a baby and was suddenly unable to attend brunches and fun gatherings in the easy-peasy way in which she used to and therefore felt like a totally unrecognizable version of herself and a bit of a social outcast who wore stretchy pants with flowy over-garments). Obviously, the only things that I actually have in common with Miranda are the baby, the Type A personality and the sarcasm. I am not a red-headed lawyer with a full-time nanny. And El, if we are to keep this pop-culture metaphor going, is not Samantha shoving me into a cab home with my baby, or Charlotte projecting all of her baby issues onto me or even Carrie balking at the site of my giant, lacta-boobs. Actually, she's totally the Carrie, then. But she is an awesome Carrie who is amazing with babies and does not wear skinny belts around her bare midriff.

But, people, I’m pretty sure my point is that this motherhood thing is really tricky. So I am feeling very grateful for my mother and all the moms I know who, at this moment, are doing their best to make it work. And I am very grateful for all the cool people I know without babies who try to help new moms not feel like total weirdos. And also Veterans.

Happy Mom-orial Day!


* If you came to our last show, you would understand The Baby/Boyfriend Drinking Game. If you want to learn about that and other fun things, come to OUR NEXT SHOW which is coming up on Thursday, June 14th!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Read Me.

Hello Friends,

We have so much to tell you! But we'll make it quick because we know you have to go do that thing.

1ST ANNUAL FUNNY SONGS FEST! We'll be participating in this fantastic new festival along with every other person that mixes music and funny. Go here for gig details and check out the festival site for more!

WHILE YOU'RE AT IT, CAN YOU VOTE? Take a quick trip HERE and help us win a little prize at the FUNNY SONGS FEST!
Favorite Music Based Comedy Show: Mel & El: Our Time of the Month
Best Comedy Music Band: Mel & El
Funniest Song Written By A Comedian: write in Fagnet or whatever your favorite is!

PATRICK MAKES AMAZING MUSIC! The adorable genius who puts all of our ridiculous thoughts to music has his own album out on iTunes. It is some singer-songwriter goodness. Download his whole album (iTunes search: Patrick Spencer) or if you want a Patrick Spencer intro, download "Day Gone" or "Alibi". His talent embarrases us and also makes us so happy. Here's the album cover. Album!

OUR TIME OF THE MONTH IS COMING! We will be back in June with the 5TH ANNIVERSARY OF MEL & EL show. Yup, we're five. That sounds about right. Round up your girlfriends and boyfriends and let's have a very terrific time together! Reserve HERE.




Mel & El

Monday, May 14, 2012

Two clicks!


There is an awesome thing called The First Annual NY Funny Songs Fest in June, and we will be participating! We will tell you all about it soon.

They are doing Comedy Awards and you know how we LOVE awards. If you like our stylings, would you please CLICK HERE to nominate MEL & EL for BEST COMEDY MUSIC BAND, FAVORITE MUSIC BASED COMEDY SHOW, and FUNNIEST SONG WRITTEN BY A COMEDIAN? It's just two clicks of a lamb's tail! (And no need to register after you vote).

Consider it an early birthday present to us. Or in honor of our five years of Mel & El-ing (more on that later, too!) 

Send to your friends! Vote! Vote! Vote! (We so appreciate it!)


Monday, May 7, 2012

You. Yes, YOU.

Dear You,

We are totally talking to YOU. You, with the face. Wearing the clothes. Reading these words.
This is embarrassing, but we kind of have a crush on you. We didn't wanna say it but now it's "out there" and that's awkward. We'd love to see you in a couple of days at our fun-as-heck show. We promise not to act too weird around you. We even wrote a brand new song for you. Just for YOU. And we'll try not to totally stare at you when we sing it. 

In conclusion, YOU.

With love,


May 10th (just 3 days away!)

7PM (it's like Happy Hour, but a show!)

92YTribeca (it's right off of the train...EVERY train!)