Monday, December 17, 2007

Another Conversation

El: How many Caption Contest entries did we get?

A lot.

El: Were they funny?

Mel: Yes.

El: Were they as funny as we are?

Mel: Don't be conceited.


Mel: I forgive you... this time.

El: Did we pick a winner?

Mel: No.

El: Why not? I'm super-excited to give out our free tickets and post a hilarious caption on MySpace!!!

Mel: I'm gonna need you to chill out.

El: I'm chill!

Mel: You're not. You've used four exclamation points in the last two seconds.

El: I. Am. Chill. I am chill.

Mel: Good.

El: So, who's the winner?
Mel: There is no winner yet. The deadline for entries isn't until the end of the day on Wednesday, December 19th.

El: You mean people still have a chance to come up with a hilarious caption to accompany one of the attached photos?

Mel: Yes.

El: Well if I were those people, I'd be stoked!!!

Mel: You're doing it again with the punctuation.

El: Crap burgers.

Mel: Now you have to be punished.

El: What's my punishment this time?

Mel: You have to remind people to come to our show.

El: Which one?

Mel: The one this Friday at The Duplex at 9:30PM.

El: Ha! You always fall for that! You're such a schmo!

Mel: I HATE you.

El: You love me.

Mel: Post the reservations link before I cut you.

El: With your shank?

Mel: Yes.

El: This is the link. Enter the code SCHMO into the space where it asks for a phone number to get HALF PRICE TICKETS!!!

I seriously wonder sometimes why we're friends.

El: Because we can both recite the movie "Beaches" line for line.

Mel: Yeah. I guess that must be it. 

Click HERE to make a reservaton for MEL & EL: THIS SHOW RHYMES at The Duplex on Friday, December 21st at 9:30PM AND DON'T FORGET TO ENTER THE CODE "SCHMO" for $7.50 tickets!!!