Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hobos like FREE songs

Mel: Hey, El?
El: Yes, Mel?
Mel: I've been trying to be more "living in the world" lately and less "living under a rock".
El: Terrific!
Mel: So I downloaded a few of the most popular albums that the kids are listening to these days.
El: Well, now you just said 'albums' so you've defeated your purpose, but anyway...
Mel: ANYWAY! I feel like all the new bands are Hobo Bands.
El: What in the world are you talking about?
Mel: Like, Mumford and People, Alabama Shakes, Lumineers, fun...or Fun!...or FUN...or whatever they are...
El: This is fun.
Mel: They all seem like they've hitched a ride on a steam engine heading West with a stick over their shoulder tied with a red bandanna.
El: Ok.
Mel: Every one of those bands has a woman in the corner playing a jug. Or spoons.
El: Yes.
Mel: I feel like they probably get paid in soup.
El: Well, I love all of those bands.
Mel: I really enjoy them, too. I'm just saying they seem like Hobos. 
El: Are WE a Hobo Band?
Mel: This isn't about us, but no. We are not hip enough to be a Hobo Band. We don't wear vintage clothing. We don't even play an instrument.
El: I will play the spoons if you play the jug.
Mel: Why do I always have to be the one playing the jug? This is so typical.
El: None of this is typical.


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Friday, March 1, 2013

Let's look at each other in various places!

Being funny with our faces at a video shoot for NYFSF (see below!)

There are some things coming up where we'd like to look at you in your face. And just enjoy your face in a friendly way.

  • IN NYC! The ass-kicking theater company Studio 42 has asked us to host their Unproducible Smackdown on March 23rd. There will be plays. There will be winners and losers. There will be us. Wanna know MORE?
  • IN ORLANDO! Please come join us in Mouseland for two shows at the Orlando Cabaret Festival in early May. Wanna know MORE?

In between all of that, we'll be in other places called Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. Check out our schedule to know MORE!

Mel & El