Monday, December 27, 2010

Balls. Dropping.

El: Hey, Mel?
Mel: Yes, El?
El: It's almost the New Year!
Mel: You know what that means?
El: Getting really wasted and staying up all night and having all the crazy things happen!
Mel: Yes, if by all of those words you mean having a nice glass of wine, watching the ball drop and heading home before it gets too late.
El: Right. I always forget how elderly we are... 
Mel: ...and then one finds another weird hair growing out of one's chin...
El: ...and one remembers....
Mel: Happy New Year!
El: Yeah, yeah. Tell everyone to come to our January show. It's gonna be fantastically fun.
Mel: As much fun as our New Years Eve?
El: More fun, Mel. More. Fun.
People, all the pertinent details are below. Make a res. If you want to celebrate a birthday or other thing with us and receive a personalized rap, email us at for details! 'Twill be the greatest experience of your life.
MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month
Really bloody funny. Period. 
with special guest comedian Robin Gelfenbien!
Thursday, January 6th, 7:30PM
Comix, 353 W. 14th Street, NYC
$10 (cash) at the door
Delicious food & drink available but not required

Monday, December 20, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Mel & El

We're beyond thrilled that on Saturday legislation was passed to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell for all of the reasons that there ever were. We have nothing smarter to say than the very smart people that discuss the issues of the day, so we'll sum it up with:

1. Hooray!
2. It's about damn time.
3. Onward ho!

In honor of All Things Equality, here's the shot from our recent NOH8 Campaign photo shoot in D.C. Maybe you'll check out the work they're doing. Or look into incredible organizations helping LGBT youth like GLSEN...

Happy Day,

Mel & El

Monday, December 13, 2010

Vocabulary Lesson Number 13


GAYGLE \'gay-guhl\ noun: 1. A group of homosexuals. 2. A bunch of boys who like boys. 3. A gaggle of gays.

When they first looked at this picture (below) of the gaygle, Mel & El figured the "ladies" in front were drag queens. Upon second look, they realized it was them.

 Are you a part of a gaygle? Do you want to be? Do you understand why a group of lesbians is not called a gaygle? (We're not sure. We just don't think it works.) Please share your feelings with us via Blogger below or on The Magical Tweet Machine!

Monday, December 6, 2010


(Kate & Allie stopped by to say that they think it's time for another set of women to have antics on TV but without the wide horizontal stripes and shoulder padded blazers. 
Also, they want you to check this out.)


You are currently reading the very last blog post saying that we have "X" amount of time left in our Kickstarter campaign because at the strike of 5:09PM on Tuesday, December 7th the campaign will be OVER.

A couple of days ago, through the support of Remarkable Backers, we hit our $10,000 goal. And we are beyond thrilled about it. What's true, though, is our actual costs to make the Mel & El-isodes are quite a bit higher than that so we're using our final hours of campaign-ness to continue getting the message out.

Without giving too much of the 'sode plots away, if you know anyone that loves cheese, gay nightclubs and/or madcap hijinx, you should definitely forward this email to them so they can get in on the action.


Also, if you want to help make us the popular kids in school, just click here to nominate "Mel & El" for Best Musical Comedy Act at the ECNY Awards. You literally write your email address & "Mel & El" down and you're DONE. It takes 20 seconds! Easy! (And, hey, if you want suggestions for who to write in for the other awards, just let us know.)

We'll be back in January with a brand new MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month.

Until then - enjoy!

Mel & El

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fabulous things for all!

Guess what? 
We did it! We made our Kickstarter goal! One particular Remarkable Backer was SO sick of getting our incessant updates that he pledged $500 and put us over the top at about 6PM last night. An endless amount of THANK YOU to you all!
We are thrilled and overjoyed and now we get to follow through with all of our reward promises. CD's and Raps and Fabulous Things for all!
However, there's a secret we've been keeping until now: 
the actual budget of the project is $15,000. 

We know! It's nuts! 

Kickstarter encouraged us to be relatively conservative in setting our goal lest we not make it and get diddly squat and that's exactly what we did. So now we have to use this bonus time to try to make up the difference!
We realize that you, the Remarkable Backers, are the choir and we shouldn't spend time and energy preaching to you. But we want to say that if you were planning on passing our project along to other PTRs (Potential Remarkable Backers), you should still do so. We need them! Here's the link:!

We have 5 days left and we shan't squander it. We shan't! We're sorry to that one particular Remarkable Backer but we will HAVE to continue the updates. We will try to make them less frequent and slightly less annoying.
We will dream the impossible dream, etc.
Mel & El
P.S. In the pic below, Mel & El are clearly looking at their producer and saying "Come again? The budget is WHAT???"
  • Pic
P.P.S. Our last show of the year is TOMORROW! If you're in the NYC area, click HERE to make a res. It's gonna be goooooood.

Monday, November 29, 2010

What can we do for YOU?

El: Hey, Mel?
Mel: Yes, El?
El: 'Tis the season of giving.
Mel: I wish I knew where this was going...
El: And we've been making so many requests of late, that I want to give back to our people!
Mel: That's lovely, El!
El: What do you think they want?
Mel: I have NO idea!
El: Let's just ask!
Mel: Excellent. But, first, let's bullet point our Holiday Wishes for the very last time - just in case there are 2 1/2 people out there that don't know about them!
El: You're better with a list. Go for it!


Hi! It's Mel. I'm here to make a list of the things we wish people would put in our Jew Stockings this year for Christmas. I'm gonna make this list using letters instead of numbers cause I'm feeling craaaaaazy today!
A) The very last MEL & EL: OUR TIME OF THE MONTH of the year is this FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3rd! That's right, the show is usually on Thursdays but we're doing this one on a Friday so more of you can come out and play with us. We'll be joined by Special Guest Ben Lerman. He's terrific! Make your reservation by clicking HERE! Cause we want YOU to be there!
B) In just 2 clicks on the computer machine you could NOMINATE US for a fancy comedy award! Click HERE and write "Mel & El" in for BEST MUSICAL COMEDY ACT! We'd be honored just to be nominated. Really.
C) Only 8 DAYS LEFT for us to raise the $850 left on our Kickstarter Campaign! If you can forward this email to your friends & loved ones we'd be most grateful! Help us spread the word! The Webisodes Must. Be. Made.
Now, what do you want in your Jew Stocking this year? Tell us! We'll totally work on it!

Mel (& El, too!)
P.S. Book a group of 6 or more at our holiday show & you will receive a Personalized Holiday Rap from us! Feel free to also celebrate your birthday or anniversary, too.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jingle Mel's, Jingle El's, Jingle all the way!

Happy Chrisma-kwanz-atheist-solstice-ukkah!
Our holiday show is upon us & we are doing it on a FRIDAY NIGHT (instead of our usual Thursday) so that more of you can come join us (since it's not a school night).
If you're looking for the perfect place to host your holiday party, you just found it! Book a group of 6 or more at our holiday show & you will receive a Personalized Holiday Rap from us! Feel free to also celebrate your birthday or anniversary, too.
So...if you're ready to get your Holiday on...
Our last show of the year is now on FRIDAY, December 3rd!
Make your reservation HERE before it's all sold out!

 MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month
Really bloody funny. Period. 
with special guest comedian Ben Lerman!
Friday, December 3rd, 7:30PM
Comix, 353 W. 14th Street, NYC
$10 (cash) at the door
Delicious food & drink available but not required
Reservations here!
Mel & El
P.S. We have 12 MORE DAYS to make our Kickstarter goal and we have $2,319 of our $10,000 still to raise or we won't make ANY of it! Please forward this to your people and let them know that we will deliver some amazing prizes if they want to pledge!
Here's a pic from the web series shoot so far. See? It's real!

Monday, November 22, 2010

This time there's no stoppin' us, we're gonna do it!


(Laverne & Shirley stopped by to say that they think Mel & El are the modern day Laverne & Shirley. 
And they want you to see this.)

Dearest Friends,
Right now, as you read this, we are shooting a scene for our Web Series! The plot details are top secret but let's just say it involves a gay convention, a giant box of tampons and fondue. There are background actors, a dolly grip, a table full of "craft services" (food) and, generally, a lot of people working their cute butts off to make this happen. We are thankful!
We are shooting even though we haven't yet finished our Kickstarter Campaign! Have you checked it out? Have you watched our little videos on the site? Have you been waiting to make a pledge or been waiting to pass this along to your friends? Well, you still have time! For you wonderful people that already have, Holy Moses, we are thankful!

We've raised $7,306 and have $2,694 to go! We know you've heard this on every telethon in the land, but every dollar actually makes a difference. It's just the rules of mathematics, people. Plus you can get amazing prizes for donating (CD's! A song written just for you! Executive Producer credits!) and, for that, you will be very, very thankful.
Guess what? Thankful,
Mel & El
Also, if you're in NYC...
Our last show of the year is THURSDAY, December 2nd!
Make your reservation HERE before it's all sold out!

 MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month
Really bloody funny. Period. 
with special guest comedian Ben Lerman!
Thursday, December 2nd, 7:30PM
Comix, 353 W. 14th Street, NYC
$10 (cash) at the door
Delicious food & drink available but not required

Sunday, November 14, 2010

You have no idea...

...the bizarre antics we got ourselves into this past weekend in order to spread the word about Mel & El and our Kickstarter Campaign. All we can say is it involved "the circus". Please see accompanying video here:
We're only a few weeks away from the end of our Campaign Deadline of December 7th. We've had 88 AMAZING HUMAN BEINGS pledge us a total of $6,921! Almost 70% of the way to our goal! We wonder what we could do if even 20 or 30 or 40 more AMAZING HUMAN BEINGS were willing to pledge a few bucks for some great prizes!
That said, we are TOTALLY GOING FORWARD WITH PRODUCTION and will start to shoot at the end of next week. Not to get all "The Secret" up in here, but we have faith/belief/fingers crossed that those 20 or 30 or 40 more people will bring up the financial rear and make it possible for us to actually feed our incredible crew and make this thing happen in the best way possible.
In conclusion, thank you to the fabulous givers and thank you to everyone that has forwarded our link on to their circle of friends. We cannot say enough how much WE APPRECIATE IT.
Yours in wacky comedy that we hope will make the world a slightly funnier place,
Mel & El

Monday, November 8, 2010

Casting Call

Dear People,

"Casting Call" is not a cute euphemism for something-or-other to get you to read this blog.

You may have heard that we're in the midst of a ballsy Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds for our upcoming web series "The Mel & El Show". We're moving full steam ahead and are actually casting small roles & featured background. We would love to have you on our super-fun set to hang out with! We can eat M&Ms from the craft services table together! WHAT COULD BE BETTER?
TYPES: Looking for men & women, 20's-40's, to play various roles including including bizarre performance artists, patrons at a gay bar & eclectic audience members at a comedy show.
We ALSO need children of various ages, so if any of you want to come on set and bring your kids, this might work out beautifully!

DATES: November 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd (you do NOT need to be available every day)

If interested, please shoot us an email at Please include the dates & times you WOULD be available & attach a picture of your lovely self.
That's it! Easy!

If working on film shoots is not your thing but you'd still like to be involved, check out our Kickstarter Campaign - you can earn prizes or awards for a donation as little as $5! 

Feel free to pass this along to your lovely friends, as well.

It's fun to make art,
Mel & El

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sad Puppies

Dear Friend, 

This puppy needs a home.

This child needs...some more. 

These ladies need to make webisodes.
First of all, THANK YOU to all of you who have donated so far. We are beyond grateful and look forward to sending you all of your prizes & rewards! But the thing about Kickstarter is that we don't actually receive your pledges (and we can't send you your prizes) unless we make it to our fundraising goal!

We have to share that we received a very generous $1,000 donation last week from a total stranger. She had been receiving our email updates over the past year and just believes in what we're doing. Getting that donation filled us with energy & hope that we can do this. It also reminded us that we need to find a way to connect with people outside of our usual circle!
Maybe you know some people in far away lands like Wisconsin, Utah or...New Jersey who would like a little more female-friendly, slightly "inappropriate" comedy & music coming their way on the internet.
Maybe you can pass along our link to them and say "Hey, Utah Friend! Check out these ladies! For the cost of a Chicken Pad Thai you could get them closer to their dream!"
We don't know if they have Chicken Pad Thai in Utah, but you can change that part up depending on who you're talking to. 

Click HERE to see our Kickstarter project or go to this link:

Thanks and love,
Mel & El
And lastly, if you're in NYC...
The show is in 3 days! This THURSDAY, November 4TH!
We'll be celebrating EL'S BIRTHDAY, so make your res HERE 
before it's all sold out!

 MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month
Really bloody funny. Period. 
with special guest comedian Margot Leitman!
Thursday, November 4th, 7:30PM
Comix, 353 W. 14th Street, NYC
$10 (cash) at the door
Delicious food & drink available but not required

Monday, October 25, 2010

El's Birthday and Our Rap Careers

(Mel & El at El's 13th Birthday Party. Perms, poufs & profound adoration.)

The next edition of MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month at Comix happens to fall on November 4th: The Actual Birthday of El! We'll be celebrating with all of our favorite songs and may even have some surprises. Our Special Guest Comedian will be the hilarious and brilliant Margot Leitman (MTV, VH1, Conan).

We hope you will CLICK HERE to make a reservation!

If you want to celebrate YOUR birthday, anniversary, divorce or anything at our next show & want the celebrant to receive a Personalized Rap from Mel & El for the occasion, just email to arrange all the fancy details!
And speaking of raps...

Some people sing for their supper, but Mel & El rap! Mel & El are on a mission to raise 10K in the next 44 days for their brand-new Web Series. Through Kickstarter, all donations (even as small as $5) receive special prizes!

Perhaps you'll be moved to give a buck or two after you CLICK HERE to see the ladies rap their faces off!

Your List of Things To Do:
1. Make a res for Mel & El's next show on 11/4 at Comix
2. Tell all friends & loved ones to do same
4. Tell all friends & loved ones to do same
5. Nap
Mel & El

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Note From Mel

Hi friends,

I noticed that El went ahead and launched our Mega-Epic Webisode Kickstarter Project last week while I wasn't looking. Well, I'm back & I want to connect with you, the people, about this whole thing. In order to do this, I've brought my favorite tool in the world...a LIST!

A gigantic thank you to those that have already pledged a bit o' cash to our Kickstarter Project. We are eternally grateful & look forward to giving you your fancy prizes!

For as little as a $5 pledge, you can get a fabulous prize. You can read all about the different prizes (including CD's, personalized songs, days on set & producer credits) here.

Giving to The Arts is a good thing to do. Jews would call it a Mitzvah. Other people might just call it "giving a donation & getting lots of credit for it". We are The Arts and we deeply appreciate your support.

We promise to never participate in any kind of marathon or other "a-thon" where we ask you to pledge money. We can barely handle the elliptical. This IS our marathon. And making you laugh is our goal. Help us save the future of hilarity, wit & the occasional penis

We are the kind of people who wait until the last minute to do many things: buying tickets to shows, getting our roots done & donating to awesome Kickstarter projects. We are asking you to be stronger than us. And if you feel compelled to give a buck & receive your special prizes, that you do it sooner than later. Otherwise, Mel (me) is gonna have a full-on panic attack.

In order to remind you what it feels like to take a risk on something & have it be awesome, Mel (me) is including an absurd picture from last week of herself on a horse. This was the first barnyard animal Mel has ever "been on". Mel was really scared but she rode that horse (named Kismet, but she kept calling it Karma) for 2 hours. Mel conquered her fear. Maybe you fear things. Maybe donating a ducat or two to our Crazy-Ass-Webisode Kickstarter Project will help you overcome them.

Basically, if you watch our Kickstarter Video & think we're on to something, please help us spread the word. You can post this link ( to your Facebook or Twitter or Whatever Accounts or even forward this email to 9,000 of your closest friends. Did I mention we deeply appreciate it? 'Cause we do.

Saddle Sore,


Monday, October 11, 2010

The Official Launch

Hello, everyone. Allow us to welcome you to the Official Launch!
What launch, you ask? 
The Official Launch of our Kickstarter project!!!
What's a Kickstarter project, you ask? 
Kickstarter is a way to fund creative ideas and ambitous endeavors.
What is OUR creative idea/ambitious endeavor, you ask?
(You ask a lot of excellent questions.)
We are working with an amazing team of geniuses to create a unique and hilarious web series!
Exciting, isn't it?

We gave ourselves a total of 60 days to raise $10,000. We know it seems like a lot, but look at the math:

We have 4,843 twitter followers. If they each give us $2.06, we will meet our goal.
We have 2,126 facebook friends. If they each give us $4.70, we will meet our goal.
We have 1,035 official "likes" on our "official" facebook fan page. If all of those Likers give us $9.66, we will meet our goal. 

If 100 people give us $100, we will meet our goal.
If 200 people give us $50, we will meet our goal. 
If 400 people give us $25, we will meet our goal.
If 1,000 people give us $10, we will meet our goal. 

Know how many people we'd need to donate $15? 666.666. That's so Satan-y!

So there you have it. The numbers don't lie. Click HERE to check out our project, watch our fun little video and read through all of the rewards available for different pledge levels.

OH! And we forgot to mention, if the full $10,000 isn't pledged by our deadline, we don't get anything!

But we're not scared. We believe in you...

Monday, October 4, 2010

How To Relax

(Mel's actual Healthy Hockey Muffins.)
El: Hey, Mel?
Mel: Yes, El?
El: What are you doing?
Mel: Making blueberry flax muffins with whey protein.
El: What? Really? Why would you do that?
Mel: Because they're healthy AND delicious.
El: What do they taste like?
Mel: Um...kind of like...if someone took a piece of cardboard and wiped a berry across it.
El: Great. Save some for me. (Don't save any for me).
Mel: But baking is my new way to relax.
El: Are you still panicking about your upcoming wedding?
Mel: Why would I be panicking less as it gets closer? You have no idea how to be an anxious person.
El: Oh, yes I do! I just have...different ways to relax.
Mel: Like what?
El: I'll tell you all about it at our show this Thursday when we premiere our self-lovin' song "Pamela Handerson"!
Mel: Why does everything have to be about sex with you?
El: Because everything is about sex.
Mel: Oh.
El: And flax.
Mel: Right!
El: Sex and Flax. I think we have the title for our next song.
The show is in 3 days! This THURSDAY, October 7TH!
Stop baking right now and make your reservation HERE before it's all sold out!

 MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month
Really bloody funny. Period. 
with special guest comedian Poppi Kramer!
Thursday, October 7th, 7:30PM
Comix, 353 W. 14th Street, NYC
$10 (cash) at the door
Delicious food & drink available but not required

Monday, September 27, 2010

The M-Word

(Nope! That's not Mel OR El. It's a lady named Pamela Anderson.)
El: Hey, Mel?
Mel: Yes, El?
El: Guess what's coming up?
Mel: Our show.
El: Yes. But that's not what I was thinking about. I'll give you a hint: Dum - Dum - Da Duuuuuuuuum!
Mel: My wedding.
El: Correct!
Mel: What if you weren't bringing that up right now? It's making me perspire.
El: But it's happening! And it's gonna be so much fun!
Mel: I can't think about the wedding until after we premiere our brand new song about you-know-what.
El: You mean our masturbation empowerment song entitled "Pamela Handerson"?
Mel: Now you've said the m-word & everyone is unsubscribing us from their blogroll.
El: Oh, c'mon! Everybody has done it, does it or is doing it right now.
Mel: Yeah, our snarky & sarcastic banter is sooooooo hot.
El: I'm not one hundred percent enjoying your tone right now.
Mel: I blame you and your incessant wedding march singing!
El: Mel?
Mel: Yes, El!
El: You're very cute when you're exasperated.
Mel: I hate you.
El: I love you, too.
Make your reservation here ASAP 'cause this thing keeps selling out.**

 MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month
Really bloody funny. Period. 
with special guest comedian Poppi Kramer!
Thursday, October 7th, 7:30PM
Comix, 353 W. 14th Street, NYC
$10 (cash) at the door
Delicious food & drink available but not required
Reservations here!

** If you want to book a birthday group of 6 or more & have us create a personalized Rap for the Birthday Boy or Girl, please email us pronto at & let us know! We're almost out of room for October Birthday Celebrations!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Today we're entirely excited and honored to be in Washington, D.C. at a shoot for the NOH8 Campaign. If you're not familiar with it,  you can check out their website & the awesome pictures. Let us know what you think.

Mel & El

Monday, September 13, 2010

Love It or Loathe It?

The Raccoon Earmuff
(Is this Thandie Newton? Has she gotten to the raccoon earmuff modeling portion of her career yet?)

Love it or loathe it? We don't quite know. But it's starting to get chilly out and in honor of the Fall we bring you raccoon earmuffs.

On the one hand, they are like wearing opossums on the side of your head. What happens when these get rained or snowed on? We bet they don't look so Jellicle all matted down & drippy. Also, how do you wear any kind of muff let alone this gargantuan, furbee-esque one & still talk on your cell phone or listen to music?

On the other hand, they do look warm & cozy. Perhaps these are the perfect accent to a simple Winter's outfit. Perhaps they show a sense of daring or whimsy. Perhaps they make a large head look smaller. (Can you tell yet that Mel is writing this?)

Mel & El tend to think of their zany faces as their permanent accessories & so try to keep the rest of their look toned down. But, who knows? Maybe a zany face benefits from a furry friend to its left & right.

Will you be wearing these when the weather gets frightful? If you do wear them, will you feel the need to name them & feed them?

Please advise.