Monday, November 29, 2010

What can we do for YOU?

El: Hey, Mel?
Mel: Yes, El?
El: 'Tis the season of giving.
Mel: I wish I knew where this was going...
El: And we've been making so many requests of late, that I want to give back to our people!
Mel: That's lovely, El!
El: What do you think they want?
Mel: I have NO idea!
El: Let's just ask!
Mel: Excellent. But, first, let's bullet point our Holiday Wishes for the very last time - just in case there are 2 1/2 people out there that don't know about them!
El: You're better with a list. Go for it!


Hi! It's Mel. I'm here to make a list of the things we wish people would put in our Jew Stockings this year for Christmas. I'm gonna make this list using letters instead of numbers cause I'm feeling craaaaaazy today!
A) The very last MEL & EL: OUR TIME OF THE MONTH of the year is this FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3rd! That's right, the show is usually on Thursdays but we're doing this one on a Friday so more of you can come out and play with us. We'll be joined by Special Guest Ben Lerman. He's terrific! Make your reservation by clicking HERE! Cause we want YOU to be there!
B) In just 2 clicks on the computer machine you could NOMINATE US for a fancy comedy award! Click HERE and write "Mel & El" in for BEST MUSICAL COMEDY ACT! We'd be honored just to be nominated. Really.
C) Only 8 DAYS LEFT for us to raise the $850 left on our Kickstarter Campaign! If you can forward this email to your friends & loved ones we'd be most grateful! Help us spread the word! The Webisodes Must. Be. Made.
Now, what do you want in your Jew Stocking this year? Tell us! We'll totally work on it!

Mel (& El, too!)
P.S. Book a group of 6 or more at our holiday show & you will receive a Personalized Holiday Rap from us! Feel free to also celebrate your birthday or anniversary, too.

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