Monday, April 30, 2012

Vocabulary Lesson Number 26


FAUXFENDED \foh-'fend-id\ v: the act of being falsely upset, annoyed or resentful.

Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Fun To Win Things!

We were just sitting around thinking about how much more fun a day is when you WIN SOMETHING in it. And then we found out we won A Thing. Our web series, THE MEL & EL SHOW (haven't watched it? HERE IT IS!) won BEST WEB SERIES at the Las Vegas Comedy Film Festival. Terrific! We're so happy and once again want to thank the awesome producers, cast and crew that made it happen.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Pop Culture Gossip + Performance Art

I don't know...what to do...with this.
MEL: Hey, El?
EL: Yes, Mel?
MEL: Did you complete your taxes?
EL: No, but I did catch up on last week's episode of The Voice.
MEL: As all people should.
EL: The talent to hot mess ratio is skewed a little bit this season.
MEL: And that's just when you consider the judges.
EL: Blake McCountry always wants to 'mentor' tiny blond girls.

Monday, April 9, 2012

OUR savior

Dance party at the recording studio. It's always fun if Patrick's there.
As folks around the world celebrate Passover and Easter and do a whole lot of yapping about gods and lords, we want to take a moment to acknowledge OUR savior. His name is Patrick Spencer Bodd and he is the composer and accompanist of all of our music. We come up with silly words and, occasionally, the faintest whiff of a melody and he makes a song out of it. We would call ourselves Mel & El & Patrick but it doesn't rhyme, so we can't. But we CAN sing his praises. And we will. Especially because today is Our Savior's birthday. 

Happy Birthday, Patrick Spencer Bodd! You are the most terrifically wonderful human being. We appreciate that you are very smart about music things. We are grateful that when we say that a song passage sounds "meh" or "wicky wacky", that you are able to translate that into a tweak that makes it better. When thinking of you, we also like to toss around words like "genius", "good at every damn thing", "too patient for words" and "cute as a button". We wish you All The Good Things in the year to come and are so lucky to have you on our team.

And guess what? Patrick not only writes very talented music for us, he writes very talented music for his own self. Yes, he is a top banana singer-songwriter. He will soon have his debut CD available (it's really good!) and in its honor he'll be playing a couple of songs at our next show. It's gonna be terrific.

Get your red hot tickets now and join us for all of the funniness and the very well made music, too.

Monday, April 2, 2012

El's Private Thoughts

El hosting her shiny butt off.
Dear Diary,

Last night I did a solo gig. Just El. No Mel. It was only a hosting gig, acting as the emcee for Studio 42's Unproducible Smckdown, but was lonely up there. Without Mel's good judgment and snarky expressions to keep me in check, I was like Mork without Mindy, Homer without Marge, or a cracked-out hooker without a pimp to bitch-slap her. (That last analogy was inappropriate, but it's a good example of the kinds of things I say on stage when Mel's not there.)

Here are some highlights: