Monday, April 16, 2012

Pop Culture Gossip + Performance Art

I don't know...what to do...with this.
MEL: Hey, El?
EL: Yes, Mel?
MEL: Did you complete your taxes?
EL: No, but I did catch up on last week's episode of The Voice.
MEL: As all people should.
EL: The talent to hot mess ratio is skewed a little bit this season.
MEL: And that's just when you consider the judges.
EL: Blake McCountry always wants to 'mentor' tiny blond girls.
MEL: Christina is entirely orange.
EL: And there really is nothing to say about Cee Lo and his cat.
MEL: Or there is everything to say.
EL: Exactly.
MEL: Also, Smash.
EL: Go on.
MEL: There isn't enough time in the day to sum up my feelings about it.
EL: Feelings about Smash should never be summed up.
MEL: They should be deeply explored and laid out in paragraph form.
EL: Speaking of musical comedy, are you all ready for our SHOW IN A FEW WEEKS?
MEL: My baby still won't take a bottle, so no.
EL: Are you gonna have to breastfeed him during the show?
MEL: Probably. We can call it performance art.
EL: Or we can call it Topless Comedy and sell a few extra tickets!
MEL: I'm too exhausted to fight you on this one. Go for it.

Ladies and gentlemen...
Boys and girls...
Step right up and get your tickets!


May 10th.



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