Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Fun To Win Things!

We were just sitting around thinking about how much more fun a day is when you WIN SOMETHING in it. And then we found out we won A Thing. Our web series, THE MEL & EL SHOW (haven't watched it? HERE IT IS!) won BEST WEB SERIES at the Las Vegas Comedy Film Festival. Terrific! We're so happy and once again want to thank the awesome producers, cast and crew that made it happen.

1. We are AWARD WINNING FUNNY PEOPLE. (See above).
2. It's our first show back from Mel-ternity leave. Come find out if Mel is still entertaining or not.
3. New song!
4. If you didn't see our December show, TWO NEW SONGS!
5. Our brilliant and talented composer PATRICK SPENCER BODD will be singing his own ditties. What?
6. It's the best thing to bring anyone you know to: your blind date, your stupid boss, your mother-in-law, your best girlfriends. They will ALL like it.

May 10th (just 2 weeks away!)

7PM (not too early, not too late!)

92YTribeca (easier to get to than you think!)

ALSO! El recently received a Thai Yoga Massage in Esther's Astoria home, and left feeling so relaxed that she thinks it should be mandatory for all New Yorkers to receive one. Here's a little hello from Esther:

Hey there! My name is Esther, I teach yoga and do thai yoga bodywork too! I'm a pretty no-nonsense gal, and so is my approach to yoga: as I see it, it's just a system of tools (poses, breath work, meditation) anyone can use to feel better, inside and out. They put YOU in control of yourself, and that, to me, is pretty darn cool. And Thai Bodywork does this awesome thing where it kick-starts your body's very own healing powers (not unlike Wolverine's mutant healing factor-super powers!) and you leave a session feeling refreshed and reenergized, because you're, well, SUPER (or a mutant)! Yes, I am a yoga nerd, no, you do not need to be in order to find something amazing in this practice. Lucky for you there's more info on all this goodness at Yoga on, dear friends. 

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