Monday, April 26, 2010

You All Know What a Fag Hag Is...

We thought our lives had gotten as gay as they could get. We've never been so wrong. This coming Sunday we will reach the pinnacle of our Fagnet...ness when we host the 2nd Annual Miss Fag Hag Pageant at Comix! It's an actual pageant, people. With, like, 10 genetically female contestants (sponsored by their gay best friends) going through all kinds of talent & swimsuit competitions with the hope of being crowned the new Miss Fag Hag.

The whole she-bang is a benefit for the incredibly awesome and important Hetrick-Martin Institute. They do a bunch of incredible work including making it possible for the Harvey Milk School to exist.

Oh, and really fun people like Caroline Rhea and John Cameron Mitchell and Michael Musto will be judging. El is already worried about what hugely embarrassing thing Mel is going to say to one of them while backstage. Oh, it's going to happen. It always does.

We will be wearing gowns, we will say things like "the next contestant is..." and we will (possibly) be re-enacting a scene from Beaches during the show. You'll have to come see to find out!

Gayer than Melissa Etheridge on a Pride float scissoring her new girlfriend,

Mel & El

Monday, April 19, 2010

You're Very Welcome

Just a typical weekend for Mel & El. Getting a few bucks off of our swords and also our knives. We can't stay away from a good sword sale. 

You're very welcome.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Love It or Loathe It?

Justin Beiber
Love it or loathe it? We don't quite know.  On the one hand, he's a cute and, seemingly, sweet kid and that's kind of what pop music has always been about to some extent. 

But on the other hand, WHO IS HE?  We totally didn't receive the memo on this one.  Apparently his name is Justin Beiber (not 'Beaver' as we originally thought) and he's from Canada. We think he's 16, but his voice makes him sound like he's just entering puberty. Chick pop-sensations Britney and Miley slowly crept up on us in Disney advertising, music videos and sex tapes, and by the time they were International sensations we at least knew who people were talking about ("The girl excitedly and perpetually holding a microphone in front of her face as if she's about to turn a trick? Why, that's Hannah Montana!") Meanwhile, out of nowhere, this Justin-kid has hijacked adolescent's hairstyles to the point where they look handicapped from holding their heads at a severely cockeyed angle. (Seriously, Mel's older sister reported that a boy at her son's school had to see a chiropractor about it!) And he's doing sexy (and entirely gross but mildly funny) sketches on SNL with Tina Fey! AND, according to some sleuthing on Wikipedia, we have Usher to blame for this. But don't even get us started on Usher.

In conclusion, Justin Beiber is damaging our children's spinal columns, getting to meet Tina Fey before us and...Usher.

Are we gonna bury our heads in the sand and wait for The Beiber Fever to blow over? Or are we gonna let his overly produced pop tunes enter our sub-conscious where they will stay - in some form - until the day we die? Will we end up liking him? Will we go get an inappropriate haircut?

We must know what you think because you are VERY important and we're VERY anxious!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Big News


Joe's Pub was a blast! We're so thankful to all of you that made it out. You made it a very special night. For those of you that couldn't be there, we offer this gift: A VERY SERIOUS (2 Minute) FILM that opened the show.

After watching that film, you may become deeply inspired. Due to said inspiration, you might choose to get your very own copy of MEL & EL: SHE'S MY BITCH.

Then you might say to yourself, "your name here, I wish I could see those hilarious & beautiful ladies in person. Maybe they are performing at a sexy downtown event to benefit Marriage Equality for the ACLU." And, your name here, you'd be right:

And, finally, our big news! You might be wondering what the heck to do on Thursday, May 6th at 7:30PM. We're very excited to tell you that you'll be seeing the premiere of our brand new monthly show at Comix:

MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month

There will be hilarious guests, cheapy cheap drink specials and the in-your-crotch comedy & music you've come to know & love from us cheeky gals. It's just 10 American dollars at the door. No minimums. No nonsense. It's cheap! It's easy! It's our time of the month.

Mel & El