Monday, April 26, 2010

You All Know What a Fag Hag Is...

We thought our lives had gotten as gay as they could get. We've never been so wrong. This coming Sunday we will reach the pinnacle of our Fagnet...ness when we host the 2nd Annual Miss Fag Hag Pageant at Comix! It's an actual pageant, people. With, like, 10 genetically female contestants (sponsored by their gay best friends) going through all kinds of talent & swimsuit competitions with the hope of being crowned the new Miss Fag Hag.

The whole she-bang is a benefit for the incredibly awesome and important Hetrick-Martin Institute. They do a bunch of incredible work including making it possible for the Harvey Milk School to exist.

Oh, and really fun people like Caroline Rhea and John Cameron Mitchell and Michael Musto will be judging. El is already worried about what hugely embarrassing thing Mel is going to say to one of them while backstage. Oh, it's going to happen. It always does.

We will be wearing gowns, we will say things like "the next contestant is..." and we will (possibly) be re-enacting a scene from Beaches during the show. You'll have to come see to find out!

Gayer than Melissa Etheridge on a Pride float scissoring her new girlfriend,

Mel & El

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