Thursday, November 29, 2012

Free Song! (or, I Wanna Marry a What?)

So, we recorded a CD awhile back called Mel & El: She's My Bitch. You can check it out on iTunes or wherever else compact discs are electronically sold. Since then we've recorded a big, fat handful of more recent music and have decided to make it available to you super-easy-style on a site called Bandcamp. And the first song is available NOW!

You can just listen to the song for free on the site or you can download it for a buck if you wanna be able to take it with you on your iThings and such. Easy!

Our friend Chiffon Dior posted a little interview with us about it in case you aren't familiar with the origin of the song. Check out the article HERE

And then check out the song on Bandcamp!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


This is how Lindsay feels when she doesn't get a side dish.

El: Hey, Mel?
Mel: Yes, El?
El: What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
Mel: Family. You?
El: Same.
Mel: It's nice that we can be with family.
El: It IS nice. But I also wish we could spend it together.
Mel: Me too, but that would be a disaster.
El: Why?
Mel: Because eating salad from Pret a Manger is not Thanksgiving.
El: Are you saying we aren't capable of doing anything fancier than grabbing healthy-branded fast food?
Mel: That is correct. And I'm not willing to give up Side Dishes.
El: As usual, you have a point.
Mel: Thanks.
El: Should we at least watch Liz & Dick while talking on the phone together on Sunday night?
Mel: Lindsay Lohan making Lifetime movies is the thing for which I am most grateful.
El: I'll take that as a yes.
Mel: Take it as a "hell yes".
El: Happy Thanksgiving, Mel.
Mel: Happy Thanksgiving, El.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We're not 12. But we act like it.

Sometimes we do gigs at places like the comedy music showcase of the New York Comedy Festival at the Ace Hotel. Apparently, when we do these gigs we tend to move our arms and legs in unison like twelve year old girls in a dance recital. Terrific.

Photos by Asa Williams

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This epic week

There is so much important stuff happening this week. Allow us to break it down for you:

Thing 1: The Northeast was practically demolished by a hurricane. You may have heard about it. (Go here to learn lots of helpful information about how to help with the recovery).

Thing 2: It's VOTING DAY. Again, you may have heard. We're not here to tell you how to vote, except that you should totally go for the guy whose name rhymes with O'llama. (For New Yorkers, go here to learn lots of helpful information about polling stations).

Thing 3: This Friday, we're very proud to be participating in the New York Comedy Festival's first showcase of comedy music called SOLID GOLD. It features some seriously terrific talent like Jessica Delfino, Ben Lerman, Carolyn Castiglia, the Reformed Whores and more! Join us there after your busy week of voting and volunteering! It'll be THE MOST FUN!