Thursday, November 29, 2012

Free Song! (or, I Wanna Marry a What?)

So, we recorded a CD awhile back called Mel & El: She's My Bitch. You can check it out on iTunes or wherever else compact discs are electronically sold. Since then we've recorded a big, fat handful of more recent music and have decided to make it available to you super-easy-style on a site called Bandcamp. And the first song is available NOW!

You can just listen to the song for free on the site or you can download it for a buck if you wanna be able to take it with you on your iThings and such. Easy!

Our friend Chiffon Dior posted a little interview with us about it in case you aren't familiar with the origin of the song. Check out the article HERE

And then check out the song on Bandcamp!

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