Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We have nothing to say except...

...we would wear this dress every day. Every. Day.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Jew Year

If Dizzy Gillespie was blowing the shofar, we would totally show up at temple.
As one might know from reading their Facebook News Feed or seeing an interstitial mention of it during an early morning news program, it is the Jewish New Year. In case you didn't know, Jews have their New Year in the Fall because the weather is more manageable. You aren't schvitzing like in the Summer and you can go out and celebrate late into the night without freezing your tuchas off as you do on December 31st. And that's a fact. 

We wish you all a Happy Jew Year and offer up a few of our related Vocabulary Lessons for your enjoyment. To feel especially Jewish, try not to enjoy them too much.

Happy New Year!

Mel & El

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just Another Conversation

Not at all the drummer to which we refer.
MEL: Hey, El?
EL: Yes, Mel?
MEL: I realized today that I am such a People Pleaser.
EL: I feel like you knew that already.
MEL: You're totally right.
EL: See?
MEL: What?
EL: Forget it. Just say.
MEL: So, I'm on the subway today and those musicians came into my car.
EL: The barbershop quartet ones?
MEL: No, the Terrifying Peace and Love Drummers.
EL: Is that their actual name?
MEL: Nope. I named them that because they always shove on at rush hour with two folding chairs and two full-sized congas and proceed to play a long drum-y song.
EL: This sounds pretty standard if a bit annoying with the crowding.
MEL: But then they chastise you if you don't clap and/or smile! They're all "You don't need to tip, but after a nice song it's customary to CLAP! And it's free to SMILE".
EL: That's a lot.
MEL: I've been seeing them for years! They give off this patchouli drum circle energy and then yell at you. I want to say back "It doesn't WORK THAT WAY".
EL: Have you said anything?
MEL: Nope. The second I see them walk in the car I pull out a dollar, and I smile the entire time they perform.
EL: And don't tell me...
MEL: And then I clap.
EL: Wow.
MEL: I'm people pleasing DRUM STRANGERS.
EL: It could be worse.
MEL: How?
EL: I'll get back to you. In the meanwhile, work on being a jerk.
EL: Yeah, you'll get there.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

There is no do, there is only try.

We have really tried to get better about taking photographic evidence of our performing exploits. We so enjoy seeing all of our colleagues' rehearsal shots, backstage pictures and amazing performance videos. How is it that after this long we still walk out of every gig saying "Crap! We forgot to take a picture!"?

The other night at a gig, Mel remembered this just before we went on stage. The following are our attempts at taking said picture:

Mel & El know that "mouth open" equals "fun". Oy.

And then they tried to look "dramatic". Oy.

All of this with an image of a phone between our heads because we couldn't organize ourselves to ask one of the twenty people backstage to take it for us. We are a living, breathing example of that Far Side comic with the kid pushing the "Pull" door to the School for the Gifted.

We realize these aren't real problems. (It's not nearly as fun to blog about those!) But we just wanted to share.

We have high hopes that at Gotham Comedy Club on Wednesday we will take a respectable picture of ourselves that includes the marquee. We're setting goals, people. Yoda-style.