Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just Another Conversation

Not at all the drummer to which we refer.
MEL: Hey, El?
EL: Yes, Mel?
MEL: I realized today that I am such a People Pleaser.
EL: I feel like you knew that already.
MEL: You're totally right.
EL: See?
MEL: What?
EL: Forget it. Just say.
MEL: So, I'm on the subway today and those musicians came into my car.
EL: The barbershop quartet ones?
MEL: No, the Terrifying Peace and Love Drummers.
EL: Is that their actual name?
MEL: Nope. I named them that because they always shove on at rush hour with two folding chairs and two full-sized congas and proceed to play a long drum-y song.
EL: This sounds pretty standard if a bit annoying with the crowding.
MEL: But then they chastise you if you don't clap and/or smile! They're all "You don't need to tip, but after a nice song it's customary to CLAP! And it's free to SMILE".
EL: That's a lot.
MEL: I've been seeing them for years! They give off this patchouli drum circle energy and then yell at you. I want to say back "It doesn't WORK THAT WAY".
EL: Have you said anything?
MEL: Nope. The second I see them walk in the car I pull out a dollar, and I smile the entire time they perform.
EL: And don't tell me...
MEL: And then I clap.
EL: Wow.
MEL: I'm people pleasing DRUM STRANGERS.
EL: It could be worse.
MEL: How?
EL: I'll get back to you. In the meanwhile, work on being a jerk.
EL: Yeah, you'll get there.

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