Monday, October 25, 2010

El's Birthday and Our Rap Careers

(Mel & El at El's 13th Birthday Party. Perms, poufs & profound adoration.)

The next edition of MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month at Comix happens to fall on November 4th: The Actual Birthday of El! We'll be celebrating with all of our favorite songs and may even have some surprises. Our Special Guest Comedian will be the hilarious and brilliant Margot Leitman (MTV, VH1, Conan).

We hope you will CLICK HERE to make a reservation!

If you want to celebrate YOUR birthday, anniversary, divorce or anything at our next show & want the celebrant to receive a Personalized Rap from Mel & El for the occasion, just email to arrange all the fancy details!
And speaking of raps...

Some people sing for their supper, but Mel & El rap! Mel & El are on a mission to raise 10K in the next 44 days for their brand-new Web Series. Through Kickstarter, all donations (even as small as $5) receive special prizes!

Perhaps you'll be moved to give a buck or two after you CLICK HERE to see the ladies rap their faces off!

Your List of Things To Do:
1. Make a res for Mel & El's next show on 11/4 at Comix
2. Tell all friends & loved ones to do same
4. Tell all friends & loved ones to do same
5. Nap
Mel & El

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Note From Mel

Hi friends,

I noticed that El went ahead and launched our Mega-Epic Webisode Kickstarter Project last week while I wasn't looking. Well, I'm back & I want to connect with you, the people, about this whole thing. In order to do this, I've brought my favorite tool in the world...a LIST!

A gigantic thank you to those that have already pledged a bit o' cash to our Kickstarter Project. We are eternally grateful & look forward to giving you your fancy prizes!

For as little as a $5 pledge, you can get a fabulous prize. You can read all about the different prizes (including CD's, personalized songs, days on set & producer credits) here.

Giving to The Arts is a good thing to do. Jews would call it a Mitzvah. Other people might just call it "giving a donation & getting lots of credit for it". We are The Arts and we deeply appreciate your support.

We promise to never participate in any kind of marathon or other "a-thon" where we ask you to pledge money. We can barely handle the elliptical. This IS our marathon. And making you laugh is our goal. Help us save the future of hilarity, wit & the occasional penis

We are the kind of people who wait until the last minute to do many things: buying tickets to shows, getting our roots done & donating to awesome Kickstarter projects. We are asking you to be stronger than us. And if you feel compelled to give a buck & receive your special prizes, that you do it sooner than later. Otherwise, Mel (me) is gonna have a full-on panic attack.

In order to remind you what it feels like to take a risk on something & have it be awesome, Mel (me) is including an absurd picture from last week of herself on a horse. This was the first barnyard animal Mel has ever "been on". Mel was really scared but she rode that horse (named Kismet, but she kept calling it Karma) for 2 hours. Mel conquered her fear. Maybe you fear things. Maybe donating a ducat or two to our Crazy-Ass-Webisode Kickstarter Project will help you overcome them.

Basically, if you watch our Kickstarter Video & think we're on to something, please help us spread the word. You can post this link ( to your Facebook or Twitter or Whatever Accounts or even forward this email to 9,000 of your closest friends. Did I mention we deeply appreciate it? 'Cause we do.

Saddle Sore,


Monday, October 11, 2010

The Official Launch

Hello, everyone. Allow us to welcome you to the Official Launch!
What launch, you ask? 
The Official Launch of our Kickstarter project!!!
What's a Kickstarter project, you ask? 
Kickstarter is a way to fund creative ideas and ambitous endeavors.
What is OUR creative idea/ambitious endeavor, you ask?
(You ask a lot of excellent questions.)
We are working with an amazing team of geniuses to create a unique and hilarious web series!
Exciting, isn't it?

We gave ourselves a total of 60 days to raise $10,000. We know it seems like a lot, but look at the math:

We have 4,843 twitter followers. If they each give us $2.06, we will meet our goal.
We have 2,126 facebook friends. If they each give us $4.70, we will meet our goal.
We have 1,035 official "likes" on our "official" facebook fan page. If all of those Likers give us $9.66, we will meet our goal. 

If 100 people give us $100, we will meet our goal.
If 200 people give us $50, we will meet our goal. 
If 400 people give us $25, we will meet our goal.
If 1,000 people give us $10, we will meet our goal. 

Know how many people we'd need to donate $15? 666.666. That's so Satan-y!

So there you have it. The numbers don't lie. Click HERE to check out our project, watch our fun little video and read through all of the rewards available for different pledge levels.

OH! And we forgot to mention, if the full $10,000 isn't pledged by our deadline, we don't get anything!

But we're not scared. We believe in you...

Monday, October 4, 2010

How To Relax

(Mel's actual Healthy Hockey Muffins.)
El: Hey, Mel?
Mel: Yes, El?
El: What are you doing?
Mel: Making blueberry flax muffins with whey protein.
El: What? Really? Why would you do that?
Mel: Because they're healthy AND delicious.
El: What do they taste like?
Mel: Um...kind of like...if someone took a piece of cardboard and wiped a berry across it.
El: Great. Save some for me. (Don't save any for me).
Mel: But baking is my new way to relax.
El: Are you still panicking about your upcoming wedding?
Mel: Why would I be panicking less as it gets closer? You have no idea how to be an anxious person.
El: Oh, yes I do! I just have...different ways to relax.
Mel: Like what?
El: I'll tell you all about it at our show this Thursday when we premiere our self-lovin' song "Pamela Handerson"!
Mel: Why does everything have to be about sex with you?
El: Because everything is about sex.
Mel: Oh.
El: And flax.
Mel: Right!
El: Sex and Flax. I think we have the title for our next song.
The show is in 3 days! This THURSDAY, October 7TH!
Stop baking right now and make your reservation HERE before it's all sold out!

 MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month
Really bloody funny. Period. 
with special guest comedian Poppi Kramer!
Thursday, October 7th, 7:30PM
Comix, 353 W. 14th Street, NYC
$10 (cash) at the door
Delicious food & drink available but not required