Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Every day is HETERO Comicus day, but...

...Wednesday, September 5th is HOMO COMICUS DAY!

Come join us as we get our singing and funny on with lots of fancy comedians like Jim David, Sapna Kumar and the woman who makes our faces hurt from laughing so much JESSICA KIRSON (she's the one in the picture above who El is resting her chin on) - all hosted by the wonderful Bob Montgomery at Gotham Comedy Club.

Tickets HERE!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Now that we are boring hausfraus with babies (ok, one baby), we don't get out much.  And we definitely don't party like we used to. Actually, we haven't "partied like we used to" in longer than we care to admit. In honor of our former lives, we share with you a video taken whilst performing on a gay cruise that encapsulates why it's probably best that we don't drink. Please to enjoy all of the eyelashes and slurring. Oh and language is NSFW!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Speak Up! (A Quick Survey)

It's the Mel & El Survey of 2012! Email your answers to melandel@melandel.com or leave your comments below and be entered into a drawing to win an amazing prize package the likes of which has never been seen!

We wanna know what YOU think. (Because you are very smart and special).*

1. What is your favorite NYC comedy venue?
2. What is your favorite NYC music venue?
3. What ticket price do you expect to pay for a one hour comedy music show?
4. Does a food or drink minimum deter you from going to see a live show?
5. Where would you like to see Mel & El perform?
6. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

* These are mainly NYC-centered questions, but we welcome answers from Everyone Everywhere. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympics of Mel & El

This is what Mel & El do backstage after every show.

Some people train for thousands of hours to become the best swimmer or runner in the Universe and some people get exhausted just watching the Olympics on TV. Not surprisingly, we are the latter. But if there was an Olympics of Ridiculous and Fun, we would train, compete and represent the United States with slightly inappropriate songs and stories that would change the world.

In lieu of this Silly Olympics, we will be presenting Mel & El: Our Sorta Kinda Gay Time of the Month this Thursday at 92YTribeca. Contrary to the title, this show is AFS (Appropriate For Straights). So in between watching mostly naked Olympic Volleyball players hug it out every time they make a point, go getcher tickets!

It's all happening.

Gather your friends.

Let's do this, People.

(Get your tickets HERE)

With our VERY hysterical and ENTIRELY gay special guest BEN LERMAN!




* And, remember, if you'd like to celebrate any kind of Life Happening (birthday, bridal shower, divorce, coming out) at the show, just bring a group of 6 or more and the Celebra-tee will receive a personalized RAP from Mel & El. It's a hoot. Email melandel@melandel.com for more details.

Um, also, if you are in the NYC-area and a person who likes to apply makeup to your face, we have a STRONG SUGGESTION. Check out this class with Makeup Guru Erin Williams. She's done our makeup for photo sessions (see above!), film shoots, weddings - we don't leave home without her. It's a great fun thing to do with a girlfriend or two! All the information below:

Brush Up Your Look
Thursday, August 30

Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Avenue (between 36th & 37th Streets), Floor 16, Room M
$35 per person
Limited availability of 12 spaces
erin@erinsfaces.com to reserve your space in the class.
PLEASE NOTE - 48 hour cancellation policy - agreed to upon signing up for the class

*Make a great first impression with makeup techniques that will help you look and feel your best for auditions, on camera work or just general tips for life in general.

*Learn how to do everything from contouring a cheek to smoking out an eye.

*Get answers to all of your makeup and skincare questions with specific product referrals.

You're already good at your makeup, wouldn't you love to be GREAT?