Wednesday, February 20, 2008

People Say Nice Things

Would you just look at this lovely thing that was written about us on

Latest News - Comedy Team: Mel & El
Written by Scott Barbarino

"Cabaret has a long history of presenting great comedy teams:

Nichols & May
Wallem & Tolan
Kathy & Mo
DeLaria & Strobel
Amsterdam & Price
Baus & Troche
With the exception of Nichols & May, who were a bit before my time, I've seen all of the comedy duos mentioned above perform in the intimacy of a cabaret venue.

Now add Mel & El whose show at the Duplex I finally had the pleasure of seeing last week. Check out Cabaret Exchange reviewer Bisanne Masoud's review of this show, then get to one of their upcoming performances. They are a TREAT!! "


Above: Mel & El with Scott Barbarino of

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mel & El: Vocab Lesson #2

Mel & El: Vocab Lesson #2
The Chronicles of Riddick: EXTREMELY ridiculous or preposterous.

Origin: The title of a 2004 movie starring Vin Diesel, Thandie Newton and Judi Dench.

I was riding the N train the other day and a naked clown on a unicycle rode through the car singing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot". It was The Chronicles of Riddick.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Honoring The Dream

Mel: El?
El: What, Mel? 

Mel: What are you doing? 

El: I'm building a 9 foot statue of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. out of Legos! And he's holding a big sign that says "I have a dream...that all people...regardless of race, color or creed...will get a chance to see MEL & EL: THIS SHOW RHYMES!" 

Mel: Wowsers. Um...that's VERY creative. 

El: I know! And it's a brilliant way to advertise our show this Sunday since it's right before MLK Day. 

Mel: That seems like an awful lot of hard work.

El: It is. So cut the yapping, climb on that ladder and help me.

Mel: My dearest El... when are you going to learn that we don't need fancy ways of presenting information about our upcoming shows? When are you going to learn that we are enough?
El: I have a feeling I'm learning it right now. 

Mel: Good girl. 

El: Mel? 

Mel: Yes, El? 

El: What am I going to do with all these Legos? 

Mel: You'll think of something.

Mel & El: This Show Rhymes
Sunday, January 20th at 7PM
The Duplex
61 Christopher Street at Seventh Avenue
Tickets: $15 plus 2 drink minimum

Special Offer: Enter the code MLK next to your name on the reservation form for BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!

or (212) 255-5438

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Guest Stars!

The next MEL & EL: THIS SHOW RHYMES is coming up!
Saturday, February 23rd at 10PM at The Duplex
Click HERE to make a reservation

And if you just can't wait that long to hear 'Fagnet', join us as we Guest Star (it's fun to say 'Guest Star' evokes The Love Boat) at a couple of fabulous gigs on Valentine's Day. One is in midtown. One is downtown. Both have a bunch of great Acts that you might love. (It's fun to say 'Acts' evokes The Orpheum Circuit, kid.)

With Mel & El, Two Girls For Five Bucks, Lady Rizo and hosted by Bridget Everett!

Visit or call (212) 868-4444 for tickets
Thursday, February 14th at 8PM
Ars Nova, 511 W 54th Street at 10th Avenue
Tickets $15

On The Rocks with Danny Leary
Featuring: Mel & El, Tom Carrozza (Second City), Derek Boik, Hayes Hargrove (The Groundlings), Vanessa Hollingshead (Comedy Central Presents!) and MORE!

This hit comedy variety show has been dubbed "a marvelously rambunctious evening" by The Cabaret Exchange and was picked as a Best Bet in Time Out New York.

Reservations: click HERE, 212-255-5438
Thursday, February 14th at 9:30PM
The Duplex, 61 Christopher St. at 7th Avenue
Tickets $10 + 2 Drink min

Friday, February 1, 2008

Mel & El: Vocab Lesson #1

Mel & El: Vocab Lesson #1

SMITH: an acronym for Shoot Me In The Head

Valentine's Day approaches and I am dreading the excessive delivery of flowers and chocolates to my cubemates. SMITH.