Saturday, August 29, 2009


El: Well, we did it.
Mel: We sure did.
El: We said we weren't gonna do it.
Mel: But we had to, didn't we?
El: We didn't really have a choice.
Mel: That's what I'm saying.
El: I'm glad we did it.
Mel: Me, too. I'm having fun with it.
El: It is fun.
Mel: I think we should keep doing it.
El: I certainly don't intend to stop.
Mel: I'll take it one step further and suggest that others do it as well.
El: Whoa. That's serious. You're willing to make that statement?
Mel: I am.
El: Publicly?
Mel: If this isn't public, I don't know what is.
El: Well. You have the floor. Spell it out for them.
Mel: I would like to announce that Mel and El have joined Twitter.
El: We're tweeting, people!
Mel: And we would like it very much if you would follow us.
El: Just click H
ERE. Now.
Mel: Please.