Monday, July 12, 2010

Vocabulary Lesson Number 11


JEWBILLY \'joo-bil-ee\ noun: 1. The opposite of a JAP (Jewish American Princess). 2. Jewish people who never take regular family vacations, get their acrylics filled, own a home or have any kind of investments 3. Mel & El. Correlation: hillbilly.

I have, like, 12 relatives living in the same rented, crappy 2-bedroom apartment. Oy vey, I feel like such a jewbilly.

*Disclaimer: We're Jewish. So we get to say things like JAP & Jewbilly without being perceived as anti-semitic or racist or ethnicicist. See? Now we're making up even more words. We can't be stopped!

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Dr. Traci M. said...

Very funny ladies! I'll be sure to use this one my Jewish American Lit class this year.
~ Dr. Klass