Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweating. Just sweating.

(this was the only way to encapsulate perms, jail & comedy in the same picture)

EL: Mel?
MEL: Yes, El?
EL: What are you doing?
MEL: Sweating. Yeah...that's it. Just sweating.
EL: Please. I have an involuntary perm at this point due to the humidity.
MEL: Perms are bad enough when they're voluntary.
EL: Do you remember how many perms we got in middle school?
MEL: Not really.
EL: Probably because they did permanent damage to your brain cells.
MEL: Stop saying perm. 
EL: Per...
MEL: And stop saying permanent.
EL: Fine. How about perming? Or permed? 
MEL: It's way too hot for this. Really, El. I'm gonna hafta cut you with my shank.
EL: If you cut me with your shank you'll go to jail. 
MEL: If they have central air, I'm fine with it.
EL: You know who has central air besides jail?
MEL: Who?
EL: Comix!
MEL: Ha. Yes. You should tell them about our show now.
EL: Thank you very much for permission.
MEL: You're hilarious.
EL: Shanks.
Go reserve tickets for Our Time of the Month which is coming up on Thursday, August 5th!
The last show was Standing Room Only so don't delay!

Mel & EL: Our Time of the Month
Really bloody funny. Period.
Thursday, August 5th, 7:30PM
Comix, 353 W. 14th Street, NYC
$10 (cash) at the door
Delicious food & drink available but not required
Reservations here!

Created and performed by award-winning funny femmes Melanie Adelman and Ellie Dvorkin with composer Patrick Spencer Bodd, MEL & EL: OUR TIME OF THE MONTH is a modern-day Laverne & Shirley full of dirty songs, delightful banter and devilish dish. Hailed as “outrageous” by The New York Times and “hilariously squirm inducing” by the Village Voice, MEL & EL features new material every single month along with special guests, phenomenal drink deals and a generous dose of the in-your-crotch comedy you’ve come to know and love.

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