Monday, August 2, 2010


(Leo, if you keep furrowing your brow, your face is gonna get stuck in that position.)

Mel is in charge today & she enjoys a list. She feels it brings a bit of order to an otherwise chaotic world. She believes world peace could certainly be achieved via list. With that in mind, we bring you a nice list of things you should know about MEL & EL:
1) What a lovely compliment:
"Mel & El are twin daughters of different mothers - spooky telepathic funny and they crack my shit up." - John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Shortbus)

2) The last MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month was Standing Room Only. Mel hates standing for a show so this is your friendly reminder to click HERE to make a reservation, because the next show is THIS THURSDAY! THREE DAYS AWAY!
3) Mel & El are thrilled to be joined this month by Special Guest comedian Vicki Ferentinos! She is delightful and adorable and hilarious. And Mel & El can't wait to have her on the show.
4) If you can't make the show and feel sad on the inside, you can find electronic forms of Mel & El in the following places (Ooh! A list inside of a list! It's like Inception!):
M&E official website here
Join M&E on Twitter here
Join M&E on Facebook here
Join M&E on YouTube here
Buy the She's My Bitch CD here

5) Mel really enjoyed Inception. She thinks Leonardo DiCaprio will win "Most Consistent Brow Furrowing" and Marion Cotillard will win "How Does Anyone Actually Look Like That?"

See you at the show!

Mel & El

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