Monday, August 16, 2010

Love It or Loathe It?

The Ballbra

(Please know that this particular Ballbra is called "The Boxer Seaman".)

Love it or loathe it? We don't quite know.

On the one hand, why shouldn't men have the option to separate their you-know-whats from their you-know-whos? Maybe it's nice to have that choice. And we're totally Pro-Choice.

On the other hand, BARF! Honestly, we don't know which is harder to swallow (no, forget it), the image of the product or the words "ball" and "bra" being put together in such a way. Actually, it could be worse. It could be called The Ballsbra or Your Balls Wearing a Bra. They probably ruled those out via focus group.
Does this product work for you or make you a tad queasy?

Fill. Us. In.


Len said...

At first I was horrified, but then I saw the sizing chart, and now I can't stop laughing. They even have a "push-up" Ballbra.

chad D said...

I think i like it ;)