Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fabulous things for all!

Guess what? 
We did it! We made our Kickstarter goal! One particular Remarkable Backer was SO sick of getting our incessant updates that he pledged $500 and put us over the top at about 6PM last night. An endless amount of THANK YOU to you all!
We are thrilled and overjoyed and now we get to follow through with all of our reward promises. CD's and Raps and Fabulous Things for all!
However, there's a secret we've been keeping until now: 
the actual budget of the project is $15,000. 

We know! It's nuts! 

Kickstarter encouraged us to be relatively conservative in setting our goal lest we not make it and get diddly squat and that's exactly what we did. So now we have to use this bonus time to try to make up the difference!
We realize that you, the Remarkable Backers, are the choir and we shouldn't spend time and energy preaching to you. But we want to say that if you were planning on passing our project along to other PTRs (Potential Remarkable Backers), you should still do so. We need them! Here's the link:!

We have 5 days left and we shan't squander it. We shan't! We're sorry to that one particular Remarkable Backer but we will HAVE to continue the updates. We will try to make them less frequent and slightly less annoying.
We will dream the impossible dream, etc.
Mel & El
P.S. In the pic below, Mel & El are clearly looking at their producer and saying "Come again? The budget is WHAT???"
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P.P.S. Our last show of the year is TOMORROW! If you're in the NYC area, click HERE to make a res. It's gonna be goooooood.

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