Monday, December 6, 2010


(Kate & Allie stopped by to say that they think it's time for another set of women to have antics on TV but without the wide horizontal stripes and shoulder padded blazers. 
Also, they want you to check this out.)


You are currently reading the very last blog post saying that we have "X" amount of time left in our Kickstarter campaign because at the strike of 5:09PM on Tuesday, December 7th the campaign will be OVER.

A couple of days ago, through the support of Remarkable Backers, we hit our $10,000 goal. And we are beyond thrilled about it. What's true, though, is our actual costs to make the Mel & El-isodes are quite a bit higher than that so we're using our final hours of campaign-ness to continue getting the message out.

Without giving too much of the 'sode plots away, if you know anyone that loves cheese, gay nightclubs and/or madcap hijinx, you should definitely forward this email to them so they can get in on the action.


Also, if you want to help make us the popular kids in school, just click here to nominate "Mel & El" for Best Musical Comedy Act at the ECNY Awards. You literally write your email address & "Mel & El" down and you're DONE. It takes 20 seconds! Easy! (And, hey, if you want suggestions for who to write in for the other awards, just let us know.)

We'll be back in January with a brand new MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month.

Until then - enjoy!

Mel & El

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