Monday, May 7, 2012

You. Yes, YOU.

Dear You,

We are totally talking to YOU. You, with the face. Wearing the clothes. Reading these words.
This is embarrassing, but we kind of have a crush on you. We didn't wanna say it but now it's "out there" and that's awkward. We'd love to see you in a couple of days at our fun-as-heck show. We promise not to act too weird around you. We even wrote a brand new song for you. Just for YOU. And we'll try not to totally stare at you when we sing it. 

In conclusion, YOU.

With love,


May 10th (just 3 days away!)

7PM (it's like Happy Hour, but a show!)

92YTribeca (it's right off of the train...EVERY train!)

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