Monday, May 21, 2012

Read Me.

Hello Friends,

We have so much to tell you! But we'll make it quick because we know you have to go do that thing.

1ST ANNUAL FUNNY SONGS FEST! We'll be participating in this fantastic new festival along with every other person that mixes music and funny. Go here for gig details and check out the festival site for more!

WHILE YOU'RE AT IT, CAN YOU VOTE? Take a quick trip HERE and help us win a little prize at the FUNNY SONGS FEST!
Favorite Music Based Comedy Show: Mel & El: Our Time of the Month
Best Comedy Music Band: Mel & El
Funniest Song Written By A Comedian: write in Fagnet or whatever your favorite is!

PATRICK MAKES AMAZING MUSIC! The adorable genius who puts all of our ridiculous thoughts to music has his own album out on iTunes. It is some singer-songwriter goodness. Download his whole album (iTunes search: Patrick Spencer) or if you want a Patrick Spencer intro, download "Day Gone" or "Alibi". His talent embarrases us and also makes us so happy. Here's the album cover. Album!

OUR TIME OF THE MONTH IS COMING! We will be back in June with the 5TH ANNIVERSARY OF MEL & EL show. Yup, we're five. That sounds about right. Round up your girlfriends and boyfriends and let's have a very terrific time together! Reserve HERE.




Mel & El

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