Monday, June 14, 2010

Doppelgangers, again.

 We've already introduced you to our Doppelgangers in Chicago - otherwise known as Other Mel & El. Well, there's more where that came from! We recently learned of Another Mel & El when Actual El got a call from her Actual Dad saying that he loved that we put up videos from our childhoods on YouTube. But we didn't put up videos from our childhood on YouTube. This situation is problematic for a number of reasons:

A) As children, we did not keep records of our goofing around on videotape, we kept it on cassette tape. Cause we're old school. Or, old.

B) There isn't enough money in the world for us to publicly post the audio tape of our 12-year old selves singing songs like  "Rhythm is Gonna Getcha" by Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. (Actually, there is enough money. Why don't you make us an offer? I mean, this could be our golden ticket. This is, like, as close to a 'sex tape' as we're ever gonna get.)

C) El's Dad went to YouTube and thought one of the girls in
this video was his daughter. Which she very clearly isn't. I mean, even
you know that. And you didn't raise El.

The ultimate point being that "Mels" & "Els" are multiplying at an unhealthy rate. As delightful as we believe ourselves to be, we realize that a world filled with millions of us would be wrong. Although, we would be able to rake in tons of cash selling our "I'm Mel" and "I'm El" shirts. So, screw that. Be fruitful and multiply, Mels and Els!

Are we the only ones experiencing this? Does everybody have versions of themselves multiplying around the world? Is the movie
Anna to the Infinite Power (which psychologically damaged Mel as a child) coming true? Has anyone besides Mel seen Anna to the Infinite Power? These questions and more will hopefully be explored and/or answered by you. Go!

You can visit Actual Mel & El on YouTube right here!


Chris Ayers said...

I clearly have at least one doppelganger in this world. He's going under the name "Hugh Jackman" and stole my rightful title as "People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive" a couple of years ago. I contacted People to no avail. In fact they seemed to think I was "crazy" to use a technical term.

What's odd is that, when I lost about 40 pounds, so did my doppelganger. At that time, he was using the name "John Goodman."

I hope someone out there can help me clear this up & prevent any further confusion.

Melanie said...

Awesome. We should start organizing a Mel and El convention.