Sunday, February 20, 2011

Premieres! Benefits! Skits! Privates!

Dear Favorite Person,

Do you know what time it is? List time! (Who's excited? Besides Mel?) 

This month there will be no MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month but don't cry because we WILL be doing nine thousand other things. We're going to use this list to tell you about them while referring to ourselves in the third person:

The Mel & El Show Web Series Premiere!
Mel & El and ClearMetrics are proud to present The Mel & El Show - a brand new web series that will literally make your laptop pee itself. The ladies are running all over NYC and guess what the hijinx does? It ensues! This is an invitation-only event for the cast and crew but you'll be the first to know when the show is available online. 'Cause Mel & El love you.

Party for a Cause! Tonight! Monday, February 21st! Free!
Mel & El will shake their money makers (whatever those are) at a birthday party for Tiffany Shleigh to benefit the lesbian-riffic site Autostraddle. There will be about thirty Broadway performers singing their pants off hilarious musical comedy duo. Info  

All-Star Benefit for Art of Warr Productions Monday, March 7th!  
Mel & El join Mary Testa, Tituss Burgess and a bunch of other fabulous folks at a concert to benefit Art of Warr Productions whose aim is to produce theatre that will appeal to the young adult audience. We think our song "Fagnet" is perfect for young audiences. Don't you? Info 

The Meeting* Thursday, March 17th!
Mel & El will be the special guests at this monthly comedy/variety show for homosexuals and their friends hosted by the sparkly and shiny Justin Sayre. A TimeOut Critics Pick, The Meeting* is a gay romp through politics, sexual and otherwise, social news, music, skits and other important life changing information. Info 

Saving Tania's Privates February 23rd-March 5th
Since we're not doing our usual show this month, we feel strongly that we should offer a fantastic alternative. This critically acclaimed comedy hit from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, written and performed by leading satirist Tania Katan, is a show about far-out families, quirky girlfriends and boobs...but not necessarily in that order. Info 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a list. Stay tuned for news about the April edition of MEL & EL: Our Time of the Month as well as the online premiere of The Mel & El Show web series.


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