Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Voting is important! Voting is sexy!

They look like they're thinking about voting.

EL: Hey, Mel?
MEL: Yes, El?
EL: It's time for a call to action. We need to get everyone to vote.
MEL: True. People think that Romney's unending gaffes are gonna be his end but there is widespread voter suppression and...
EL: I'm talking about the Broadway World Awards Nominations.
MEL: Seriously?
EL: Yeah, they just added some cabaret-esque categories and regular folks can nominate us for things.
MEL: I don't think you're supposed to ASK people to nominate you.
EL: Please! This is how the universe works! Everything is a popularity contest! Kardashians run the world!
MEL: That is so depressing.
EL: Or it's amazing! As long as we get our base FIRED UP! READY TO GO!
MEL: Please don't co-op Obama campaign language for this situation.
EL: I can't be stopped!


1. Go here
2. Fill in "Mel & El" where it says "Person" in the categories where that makes sense.
3. Fill in "Mel & El: Our Time of the Month" where it says "Show" in those same categories.
4. Tell everyone you know to do the same
5. Do it again
6. Feel really good about yourself

EL: Was that so bad?
MEL: A little bit.
EL: Don't worry. We'll go do some volunteer hours right now for something important to help make up for it.
EL: No. We're gonna watch Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.
MEL: I hate you.
EL: You're watching it already, aren't you?
MEL: Yeah.

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