Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An Award Winning Conversation

El: Did you see that interview we did about the Bistro Awards?

Mel: I saw it.

El: You get three sentences to talk about how hideous you thought you looked and then it's my turn.

Mel: Ok. I looked like a troll. I am obviously a bridge troll and I should not be allowed to venture out from under my bridge. Also, my resting face looks very angry, and I was not angry, I was simply... resting. 

El: You were looking at me with an awful lot of anger. Do you hate me?

Mel: No.

El: Ok, good. My turn: 1. Why didn't you tell me my hair was so flat? 2. Why didn't you tell me I looked like a demented clown in a bargain basement v-neck? 3. Why didn't you stop me from acting like an IDIOT? You just sat there with your angry resting face and let me say asinine things. What kind of a friend ARE you? 

Mel: That was five sentences.

El: I don't care. Thank goodness no one knows where to find that interview. Hopefully they'll just buy a ticket to the Bistro Awards to see us perform live and look like pretty people.

Mel: Right? We can totally click HERE and hate ourselves as much as we want, but no one else can!

El: Oh no you didn't. No. You. DIDN'T.

Mel: Aw crap. I totally did.

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