Friday, June 13, 2008

Here TV!

El: Mel?

Mel: Yes, El?

El: We’ve been asked to do so many gay-themed events lately!

Mel: I know! It’s so great!

El: There was The Big Gay Variety Show, Dykes on Mics, and soon we’re doing Homo Comicus.

Mel: I personally think we should have our own float in the gay pride parade.

El: But Mel… we’re not gay.

Mel: But El… we perform at The Duplex and we have a song called “Fagnet”.

El: Good point. Excellent, excellent point.

Mel: We don’t need to actually be gay… WE HAVE GAY PRIDE!!!

El: Right then. So I won’t hesitate to share our guest appearance on the 6/6/08 episode of “Busted”, a podcast on Here!, Gay Television on Demand. 

Mel: Hesitate not, Ellie Friend. 

El: Go forth in gayness. 

Mel: Gay out, sister.


Mel & El: This Show Rhymes
will have it's final performance on:

Saturday, June 21st at 10PM
The Duplex
61 Christopher Street at Seventh Ave.
Tickets: $15 plus 2 drink minimum

or (212) 255-5438

You will kick yourself if you miss this one and we all know how hard you can kick.

Kicking hurts. Make a reservation instead.

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