Monday, January 25, 2010

You're Very Welcome

About this picture
1. This is Mel & El when they were pre-teens.
2. It's not pretty.
3. El is wearing 'pantyhose'.
4. Mel looks like 'casual Bea Arthur with a perm'.
5. Mel & El are standing back to back as if to say "You want it?"
6. The answer is a resounding "No. No we don't."

On a scale of 1 to 10, how embarrassed are you for us?

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Chris Ayers said...

Embarrassment Level...about a 6. See, I would've been the guy you wished would stop asking you out, the one who thought "Silverado" was an excellent date movie (cause what teenage girl doesn't love westerns?) and trying to explain why The Hooters were the greatest band in the world. Yes...I was that guy.

Kornicus said...

I want to know who's mom is crouching behind you guys

Mel and El said...

Chris: No one ever asked us out when we were that age, so we probably would have sat patiently through Silverado and agreed with you wholeheartedly about The Hooters.

Kornicus: We were at an art exhibit. El's aunt painted the picture in the background. It appears that the woman leaning over is trying to get a look at whatever info is on the chair that's on the pedestal. She may be someone's mom, but we couldn't possibly know whose.

Chris Ayers said...

In that case, you guys want to come over & watch Silverado and then listen to my Hooters tapes? They totally rule!

True story...16th birthday, I go see Loverboy & The Hooters live. I get a Hooters t-shirt & Mike Reno gives me the thumbs up as I dance (OK, perform a full body dry heave) in my wicked fake Ray Bans. I thought I was the coolest!

Mel and El said...

If we were still 16, we'd think that was all totally hot. Not that we're so much older than 16. We're like, 19. Yeah. We're TOTALLY 19.

jlneale said...

I saw both of those outfits today at Urban Outfitters.