Monday, May 17, 2010


Sometimes we meet people who remind us of our friends or, even, ourselves. Sometimes we meet someone with the same name or birthday and, ooh, that's freaky! Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy our first few emails with The Other Mel & El:

Mel and El,

I can not believe it!  I was checking and almost peed myself when I saw an article on your new show.  I'm sure you run into people with this same story all time, but my name is Melanie and my best friend's name is El.  We've known each other since childhood as well, and still work together today.  As professional ballroom dancers and actors/singers, we just recently started a not-for-profit dance organization called Ellanie to bring the arts to underfunded schools in the Chicago area.
I just could not believe that there is another set of best friends out there with the same names...and that you two are so damn fierce! We both look forward to keeping an eye on all of your performances, and hopefully getting to see you at some point! 

And lastly, your "I'm Mel" and "I'm El" tshirts... seriously.  So funny. Please tell me you sell those!  We must have them!!!!
Take care, and know that you brightened the days of another set of Mel and El's!

Dear Melanie,

No... we've never run into anyone with this same story. We think it's
AMAZING! We got your email and couldn't stop talking about it last night. We love every single detail of the whole damn thing! Especially the photos - you're fiercely hot mamas yourselves!

We can't wait to meet you both. Surely our paths will bring one set of
us to Chicago or the other set to NYC at some point. Unfortunately, we don't sell those shirts. Who would wear them except other Mels and Els???

So great to meet you - keep in touch, please.


Mel 2 & El 2
Greetings from the Parallel Universe!

This is the other set of Mel and El.  We were so excited to receive your email this weekend.  We were also excited to find out (through Twitter) that your version of Mel loves to watch Hoarders, too.

Just because it seems that we have the same lives, we wanted to ask you a few questions to see if you had other random similarities to us:
  1. Does your El have an unexplainable and debilitating fear of stickers and all things adhesive?
  2. Have you ever made mix CD's for each other entitled “Mel Belts” or “El Belts” that include all your favorite songs from musicals?
  3. Have you heard about the kid who threw a message in a bottle into the ocean in Bermuda and 1 month later it showed up near her home in Massachusetts?  So, yeah, do you think if we threw a message in a bottle into Lake Michigan you would find it in the Hudson?  We do.
On a final note….
We were watching Animal Planet the other day and they said that bed bugs are on the rise and are taking over New York.  Please be careful. 

Yours truly,
Mel and El – the Chicago Chapter

Amazed? Scared? Apathetic? To be continued....


rob said...

Funny stuff. Btw, my father's name was Mel, so we called him 'El Mel'.
(ok, I made up the part about El Mel, but his name was Mel, that part is true.)

P.s. this is Rob, NYC's Mel's step-bro.

Melanie said...

It appears that only awesome people are named Mel and El!