Monday, January 10, 2011

Brought To You By WOMAN...Wait Up!

Yes, that's a red bra wrapped around a woman's head. But, judge not. It's saving her life! 

As we've mentioned, as children we created a faux-company called "Woman" which made all kinds of ridiculous items for your feminine parts. Now we're grown-ups who regret never having actually invented any of the asinine products we made up as twelve-year-old kids. With that, we introduce you to The Emergency Bra. Created by Dr. Elena Bodner, it's an actual bra that in case of emergency can quickly transform into a face mask to protect the wearer from harmful airborne particles. It's no joke. 

We feel like in an actual horrifying emergency we'd probably be having a panic attack and forget to remove our bras and put them on our faces. But that's just us. 

Would you wear The Emergency Bra? (Are you wearing The Emergency Bra right now?)

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warren said...

Fortunately, these masks are often sold in pairs.