Monday, July 18, 2011

Fire Island Virgins

Somehow, in all of our years in NYC and all of our years of gay-proximity, we had never been to Fire Island. It is pretty darn magical. We only got to see a small bit of it as we were busy performing at Brandon Cutrell's Broadway at the Beach (which was a total blast!), but here are a few moments for your viewing pleasure:

The dock at Cherry Grove, Fire Island. Greeted with a Rainbow Flag.

There are no cars on Fire Island, just endless boardwalk that winds around the 'hoods.
A beach! We are raised-in-South Florida-snobs, so we didn't go in. But we looked at it!
El likes to sit in giant chairs. This one was at The Ice Palace where we performed.
The gays know how to landscape their cottages. There was a koi pond, too.
Mel doesn't want to pin the macho on the man. Ever.
Just a quaint Fire Island image to help you un-see the previous picture.
And that was our Fire Island adventure. We don't have any pictures of the late-night debauchery, but we think it's better that way. We want your image of us to remain wholesome.

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