Monday, September 26, 2011

El is away...

...and so Mel feels wistful and bored due to their bizarre and unmanageable co-defriendency. In honor of this, Mel (me) wants to share a photo of the two of them from their bizarre and unmanageable adolescence when they played Vampire husband (El) and wife (Mel) in a musical entitled The Vampires Strike Out. It's a wonder that show never came to The Great White Way. In addition to the general ridiculousness of it all, please enjoy El's tight-rolled pants and all of Mel's Mom's costume jewelery that was clearly piled on for this endeavor. 

Also, Mel (me) feels compelled to mention that this photo is not black and white because we were performers at the turn of the century, but because it was a trendy thing to do with theatrical pictures in the 90's. The nineteen nineties.

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Artfuleck said...

Ellie. Why do you look like Alf in this picture??