Monday, October 31, 2011

Mel & El-A in Pictures

So, we finally went out to LA and did our thang. It was a whirlwind of old friends (terrific), jet lag (not the cutest) and In 'n Out burgers (best eaten after midnight and then forgotten the next day). Here are a few completely random highlights as we continue to be absolutely terrible at taking all the right pictures of a trip. Seriously, we need help. Here goes:

During our first five minutes in LA, we saw Bret from Flight of the Conchords which obviously made our lives. The usually blase El totally geeked out and snapped this picture of him while Mel was peeing. Mel is glad she missed the part where El took this picture.
If you squint, you can see the famous sign. This was our view from our first pad in Hollywood. Apparently, the corner we were staying on was famous for trannie (er...trans-people) hookers. So, we felt like we were right back in NYC!
This was the step-and-repeat (you know, that thing behind everyone during red carpet pictures) at a show we did with a sketch group called Gravity Works produced by Angry Bubble Productions. Neither the red carpet nor we made it into the picture because we are remedial picture takers.
These trannies (er...trans-people) were...oh wait...that's us! Backstage at one of our shows. Our faces are saying "We are so grateful to be in Los Angeles where they don't have snow storms in October."
We had a delicious breakfast one morning in Los Feliz which was described to us as the "Williamsburg of LA". We can confirm this by the existence of the adorable boutique (above) that carried lots of "vintage" clothing...that we wore in our childhoods as well as the sighting of multiple ironic mustaches and a generous helping of apathy.
A backstage picture with the epic emcee of one of our shows - Miss Coco Peru! We believe her face is saying "Who let these trans-people backstage and why did one of them steal my wig?"
We end with Mel's favorite picture of El "taking" a call on the sunny balcony of a hotel room in Beverly Hills. Mel thinks it is very El-A. Also, you wanna know what costs thirty dollars at the Beverly Hilton? Two eggs and toast.

We are so thrilled that we got to do shows in LA for the very first time, reconnect with such wonderful friends and make a few new ones as well. We would love to show you pictures of those people, but we failed Photography and will have to try again next time. We look forward to our next trip out to LA!

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