Monday, October 10, 2011

What is a Couch Clip?

Dearest Dears,

What is a Couch Clip? It is the term we are using to describe these super simple, delicious, bite-sized nuggets of Mel & El-ness that you can currently enjoy on The You Tube in advance of the premiere of our highly anticipated (by our Moms) web series THE MEL & EL SHOW. Isn't that exciting? (Our Moms think it is, so...there).

Here is one of the first Couch Clips entitled "We Made Some 'Sodes":

Then here's another one Couch Clip which has a curse word in it called "The 80's":

And there's a new Couch Clip premiering today called "Bad Habits"!

You can see all of the many (short and ridiculous) Couch Clips by visiting The Official Mel & El You Tube Channel and THEN you can pass them along to your friends. Because we know they look to you to hear about the coolest new thing. You really have your finger on the pulse, you. 

Oh! And if you're in LA come see us on October 19th in Hollywood. What? Details HERE!

Mel & El

P.S. Our Moms send their love and wish you a Happy Columbus Day.

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