Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Superbowl

 I'm Madonna. This is how my face does.

El: Hey, Mel?
Mell: Yeah, El?
El: Did you see The Superbowl last night?
Mel: If by "The Superbowl" you mean "Madonna's halftime show on my DVR about twenty minutes ago" then yes.
El: Wasn't she Ah-Mazing?
Mel: She was. There are no other 80 year old pop stars that know how to put on a show like that.
El: Obviously there was the usual late-career Madonna awkwardness...
Mel: ...the unflattering, slightly boxy, workout-like choreography...
El: ...the children's show-esque smiling while doing a chicken-ride on the back of an LMFAO dude...
Mel: ...the inclusion of yoga for no particular reason...
El: ...and I adore Cee Lo but he is no replacement for that fine looking black Jesus in the Like A Prayer video.
Mel: I was hoping she would close it out by burning a football field full of crosses.
El: She's not an idiot.
Mel: Right. Instead, she evaporated like the Wicked Witch and left us with the message "World Peace".
El: It was a collision of a lot of...ideas.
Mel: But she is really good at exercising and lip-syncing and we will always have the love for her.
El: We will! AND the judgment!
Mel: Love and judgment go hand in hand.
El: It must be really fun to be in a relationship with you.
Mel: You would know.
El: I would.

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