Monday, April 21, 2014

We're Back

MEL: Hey, El?
EL: Yes, Mel?
MEL: I'm glad that you have a baby now.
EL: It is always better when we are even.
MEL: So, I could not get out of bed this morning and when I finally walked

in to the living room, my two-year-old was watching porn.
MEL: Well, it wasn't actual pornography, it was a Rihanna video.
EL: Same thing.
MEL: I'm pretty sure he now knows how to roll a blunt and get 

someone pregnant.
EL: Those are both valuable life skills.
MEL: Yeah, I just won Parenting.

EL: I am obviously lagging behind on Baby Charlie's education.
MEL: I don't think they recommend porn until six months old, so you're 

still on track.
EL: Thanks.

MEL: Can we stop talking about this now?

EL: Please.
MEL: We're doing a show!

EL: I know it!
MEL: Our first show where we are both entirely sleep deprived.
MEL: I don't even know. Crazy things. Wonderful things.
EL: Funny things.
MEL: I'm sorry I didn't hear you, I was sleeping.

Friday, April 25th at 7:00PM
Stage 72, 158 W. 72nd Street, NYC

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