Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Conversation

El: What are you doing Wednesday night?

Mel: Which Wednesday night?

El: November 7th.

Mel: A show.

El: You're seeing a show? Which one? I heard "Xanadu" is supposed to be really good!

Mel: I'm not seeing a show. We're DOING a show. At The Duplex.

El: Oh yeah! Is anyone coming to that?

Mel: I don't know, but they should.

El: They TOTALLY should.

Mel: Someone should tell them. NOT IT!

El: Damn you! You always call "not it" first.

Mel: Heh heh. I type faster.

El: Shut up. So what am I telling all the people?

Mel: That we have a show at The Duplex on Wednesday, November 7th at 7PM, and they can make reservations here.

El: HA!

Mel: What?

El: I tricked you. I just got you to tell them all the details. Sucka.

Mel: What are you, twelve?

El: Yes. Yes I am.

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