Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We Can't Remember What You Look Like

El: I’m sad, Mel.

Mel: Tell me why.

El: I can’t remember what our audience looks like.

Mel: They look like people.

El: I know that, but I can’t picture their faces. I want to see their faces!

Mel: Can’t you just picture them in your mind’s eye?

El: I don’t know how.

Mel: I’ll help you. Close your eyes…

El: They’re closed.

Mel: Now imagine the most attractive people that you have ever seen…

El: Oh that's nice. I see Clive Owen and Angelina Jolie and Jake Gyllenhaal …

Mel: Maybe a little less attractive than that.

El: Ok. I see Michael and Jenny and Sandy and Rich…wow! This is just like the magic mirror from Romper Room!

Mel: Are you un-sad now?

El: No. Now I just miss them more. I want to see them in person.

Mel: Then you know what to do.

El: Offer them a discount to our next gig?

Mel: Correct.

Comix Musical Revue:
An evening with New York's top-rated musical comedy performers.
Tuesday, September 2nd at 8PM
Comix - 353 West 14th Street
Advance tickets - $15
Day of show tickets - $20

Thursday, September 11th at 9:30PM
The Duplex - 61 Christopher Street
$10 + 2 drink minimum

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