Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not Starving

El: I’m hungry, Mel.

Mel: How can you be hungry? You just ate a giant cupcake.

El: Well, you know how we're doing a benefit for America's Second Harvest this Sunday?

Mel: Yes.

El: I just went to the organization's website and read about the "Faces of Hunger in My Community" and it made me absolutely STARVING.

Mel: You probably shouldn't say that.

El: Why not?

Mel: It's politically incorrect.

El: Why?

Mel: Referring to yourself as a Starving Person in this particular context is offensive.

El: But I truly feel starving.

Mel: Yes, but you can eat something whenever you want to. The people we're benefiting cannot.

El: I'm so glad you're my friend so that I know these things. What else is politically incorrect?

Mel: I'll make you a list.

El: Will you put it in alphabetical order?

Mel: Obviously.

The Bake Off
Comic Relief for the Relief of Hunger
Sunday October 5th, 9:30pm at the
Peoples Improv Theater
154 West 29th Street, 2nd Floor
Tickets: $15

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