Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things That Say What They Are

El: I like a thing that tells you exactly what it is.

Mel: Say more about that.

El: Like the show "Cats". It's about cats and you know that going in.

Mel: I see what you mean.

El: I like when we do shows that say what they are.

Mel: So do I. Then we don't have to explain anything.

El: Right? I get exhausted from all of the explaining.

Mel: Totally. I tried to explain the title "Speed-the-Plow" to my mother the other day and I fell asleep in the middle of my own explanation.

El: You just fell right the hell asleep.

Mel: Who wouldn't?

El: Well it's a good thing our upcoming shows say what they are.

Mel: Tis. Tis a very good thing.

The Vicki Show
Hosted by Vicki Ferentinos
A fabulous show filled with hilarity and whimsy
starring Emmy Rivera, Jeffrey Johns, Michael Brill, Carolyn Castiglia, Robyn Fox
Musical Sensations Mel and El!

Saturday, November 22nd at 8:30pm
Don't Tell Mama - 343 West 46th Street

A Very Gay Christmas

Another thing that tells you what it is:!

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