Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Muppet Dictators

Mel: El?

El: Yes, Mel?

Mel: What are we doing in this picture?

El: We're being interviewed on the red carpet at The Miss Fag Hag Pageant.

Mel: Right.

El: You look really happy!

Mel: I just kept smiling because I couldn't hear a word they were saying. You look cute.

El: I look like a little muppet dictator - with my boots and my studded belt....

Mel: Well, I didn't wanna say but... You know what else?

El: What?

Mel: It's good that we put our first names on our shirts, but maybe we should also put our last names.

El: Why?

Mel: Because reviewers can't seem to spell my last name....Eldelman? Adlestein? Jewish-berg-owitz?

El: Stop complaining. It's just nice to be reviewed.

Mel: You're right, El. I love that you always look on the bright side. What would I do without you?

El: Sit in a dark room and talk to yourself?

Mel: Correct.

Please enjoy our review blurbs.
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“Mel & El seem ready for prime time...the outrageous duo are letting it rip in their new musical comedy show.” - Frank Scheck, The New York Post

“MEL & EL is a hoot...and it hooks you all the more with its alt-rock score. The sensibility of Adelman & Dvorkin isn't just to skip down memory lane but to cut up. It's for them to be their irreverent, disgusting, idiosyncratic, devoted selves.” - Leonard Jacobs, Backstage

“...a totally charming little musical.... MEL & EL: SHOW & TELL grabbed me by the ovaries the minute I walked into Ars Nova. I don’t want to give away any of the outrageous surprises this imaginative little show dishes up, but suffice it to say it’s a girl-culture bonanza that totally affirms why keeping close to your best friend is the best decision a confused 30-something city gal can make.” - Bust Magazine

“...shows like MEL & EL: SHOW & TELL are arguably more necessary than ever. During a time in which writing a story about female friendship and singlehood is likely to be met with more than a few eye rolls, exploring the emotional shades of gray in what it means to be a woman takes creative guts. This is exactly what Mel and El does, in a rowdy, heartfelt, and endearing production. ...But unlike so many tales about single women, the work encourages us to find comfort in what we already have—and find hilarity in both our secret desires and our shortcomings.” - Laura Palotie, OOBR

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