Saturday, July 25, 2009


El: I'm so tired.

Mel: Me too. Why is that?

El: We've been expending a lot of energy taking over the world.

Mel: Right? It's exhausting.

El: We've been working super hard making updates to our website.

Mel: We have! Now people can hear awesome audio clips like our Sirius Satellite radio interview with Seth Rudetsky.

El: They can also see ultra attractive photos of us from the late 80's and early 90's.

Mel: All they have to do is entertain themselves by clicking on all of the fun little tabs at

El: I've been clicking on those tabs a lot. I think it has contributed to my fatigue.

Mel: Well don't fall asleep before we tell everyone about our upcoming show!

El: Right! HEY EVERYONE! Wanna spend Labor Day weekend with us in New Hope, PA?

Mel: We're doing a special one night only engagement at Harlan's Cabaret in the lovely Nevermore Hotel.

El: You'll come, we'll sit by the pool, we'll have a nosh, then we'll sing some songs!

Mel: Go for info. If you can't make it, tell anyone you know in the PA area. We'd love to meet your friends!

El: Yes! Then we can test our new fragrance on their pulse points.

Mel: It's called Mel & El: Smell.

El: Let's go finish choosing the top notes, shall we?

Mel: Let's.

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