Monday, May 23, 2011

The Actual Rapture is in 10 Days!

This is one of the top images that appears if you Google "cheese, sex, correct". 
Do with it what you will.

Mel: Hey, El?
El: Yes, Mel?
Mel: We were not sucked up into the heavens during The Rapture.
El: And by "The Rapture" do you mean the thirty-five minutes of barely-umbrella-worthy rain we experienced on Saturday evening? 
Mel: Yes.
El: What does it all mean?
Mel: Well, I reread The Bible.
El: And by "The Bible" do you mean you are making this up off of the top of your head?
Mel: Yes.
El: Great.
Mel: So, I reread The Bible and did some calculatin' and we were left alive on Earth so we could continue to sing silly and occasionally naughty songs while sharing our silly and occasionally inappropriate stories with Our Audience.
El: Yay! Those are two of my three favorite things in the world to do!
Mel: What's your third favorite thing to do?
El: Guess.
Mel: I'm gonna go with a tie between The Sex and Cheese Eating.
El: And that would make you Correct.
Mel: Yay! Being Correct is my favorite thing in the world to do!
El: Of course it is.

It's TEN DAYS away!
New songs! New stories! New so-wrong-it's-right-ness!
Make your reservation for Mel & El: Our Time of the Month or...else.


Mel & El: Our Time of the Month
Really bloody funny. Period.

When: Thursday, June 2nd at 7PM
Where: 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street, NYC
Tickets: $15, NO food or drink minimums, Reservations here

Featuring special guest comedian Sue Funke!
And our adorable composer Patrick Spencer Bodd playing every instrument!

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AND if you're looking for something fun to do on Sunday, May 29th at 7PM, look no further!

We'll be doing a guest spot in The Greenwich Village Follies
which is a hilarious and, sometimes, edgy romp through some City history with songs 'n stuff.

Go here for more info and tickets!

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