Monday, May 16, 2011

If We Had A Dollar For Every Doppelganger...

Dear Friends,

So, we've told you about our amazing Chicago-an Doppelgangers who we lovingly refer to as Other Mel & El as well as these lovely young ladies who we call Other Other Mel & El. Then there are, of course, Other Famous Mel & El. We'd now like to introduce you to Doll Mel & El who showed up on our Google alert due to their names and who are currently creepin' the crap out of us:

We're sure these dolls are very nice people, but they also seem a tad possessed and very hungry. We think that if we were ever made into dolls they might look more like these:

 Or like this elderly Barbie:

We don't think the world needs a Mel & El doll, but it probably needs a doll of you. What would your doll look like?

While you think on that, go make a reservation for and/or tell everyone you know about the next Mel & El: Our Time of the Month on Thursday, June 2nd at 92YTribeca in NYC! Our Actual Selves will be there singing and dancing and telling you things we totally shouldn't be telling you. Tickets here!


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