Monday, December 5, 2011

Mel & El-prah's Favorite Things!

We figure since Oprah is so busy with her new network and having various "Aha Moments" and "Holy Moments" with her new projects, we would do her the favor of taking over this part of her empire. We're sure she doesn't mind.

So, here are a selection of products and services (many offering special MEL & EL DISCOUNTS!) that are particularly dear to our hearts. They are all the kind of Awesome Small Businesses that you can feel good about supporting. We hope you'll check them out over this holiday season!

OLLIE AND BOO is a gorgeous jewelry line (founded by Friend of Mel & El, Kelly Mealia) that we find to be the perfect combination of modern, bohemian and all-around chic. Their pieces work with daytime jeans or a red carpet dress. In a perfect world, we would always be wearing one of their necklaces or earrings and feeling very fancy and smart. We love them, people!

Discount: Enter MEL&EL15% at checkout for...a 15% discount!

LITTLE SOMETHIN' SWEET is one of those fancy dessert companies like the ones you drool over when you watch those shows on those food channels. Founder Adam Beckworth has made some incredible creations for our events. He's basically a magician! We also must add that his stuff doesn't just LOOK good, it's TASTES ridiculously good. You must go check out his amazing-ness and then hire him for your next...anything!

Discount: Mention "Mel & El" for 10% off!

MARK FISHER FITNESS is a great place to visit before/during/after you gorge yourself on holiday goodness. Mark Fisher and his team of Fitness Ninjas (he's all about the lingo and the sarcasm, which we enjoy) offer incredible workouts and nutritional support that will have you glowing (from your sweat) and strong (from your muscles). Mark has managed to motivate US, which really takes a lot of work PLUS he just moved into his own space in midtown. Watch out Richard Simmons!

Discount: Mention "Mel & El" and get $50 your first MFF service!


PATRICK BODD, MASTER OF MASSAGE For the record, he does not officially go by "Master of Massage" but we think he should. You may recognize Patrick as our genius and adorable composer/accompanist, but his brain and hands are multi-talented. He is already very popular at NYC and Brooklyn spas for his massage-y-ness, but luckily he also does house calls. We have both gotten the most fantastic massages of our life from him and we think you should also have that experience.

Discount: Say the magic words "Mel & El" for a special discount!


NEATO ORGANIZING Did you know that Mel will dress up as a French Maid and clean your house? Just kidding! She totally won't wear that. Or clean. But Mel IS the founder of Neato Organizing - a company that helps folks get their home and office s#!t together. Maybe you're a little closer to "Hoarders" than "House Beautiful". Maybe you're a Type A neat freak who just doesn't have the time to keep things in working order. Whatever the dilemma, Neato can help you get it all fixed up!

Discount: Mention how great "Mel & El" is to Mel, then she'll give you a discount!

ERIN'S FACES is the newest and most beautiful makeup and skincare line of ever! Owner Erin Williams has done our makeup for photo shoots and weddings and she is truly fantastic. Now she has created her OWN products made with the safest, happiest ingredients for every kind of skin type and shade. It's so much fun to actually be able to ask the Maker of the Makeup what color she thinks would work best for you. In addition to the a la carte products, she also has fantastic skincare packages that would make the perfect gift. (El won't shutup about how much she loves hers.)

Discount: Email your order to & mention code "MELANDEL" for a 10% discount!

NOAH DIAMOND WEB DESIGN is the only place we go for the webification of all things Mel & El. He has helped make our website bigger and prettier over the years and he is an absolutely fabulous guy to work with. Not your typical surly "code talking" web nerd. (Not that there's anything wrong with being surly). He's also a one-man-band that includes logo design, graphic design for theatre posters and postcards AND he's an accomplished author and performer. He can probably build you a new house, too. We don't know. Go ahead and ask.

Discount: Tell him Mel & El sent you for the best web prices in town!

THE BROADWAY WARM-UP Are you a performer or arts student? Do you warm-up properly before classes and shows? Yeah, neither do we. But we totally should and now we totally will. Our brilliant friend Kim Stern (she directed the very first Mel & El show!) and Broadway diva Deidre Goodwin have produced this "completely synchronized vocal and dance warmup for professional and aspiring musical theatre performers". You can catch the preview over on their website and pre-order now! Watching it makes us feel very old-school Broadway in a really, good way.

Discount: Place your pre-order now for discounted pricing!

Happy shopping and doing and getting!
In 2012, we look forward to bringing you even more Favorite Things!

ALSO! The very last show before our Mel-ternity leave is coming up in about 10 DAYS! And it features a brand new song!

Why don't you plan a little Holiday gathering or party at the show? There are delicious (and affordable) food and drinks, mood lighting, a fancy downtown location right off of the train and the most AMAZING comedy and slightly inappropriate songs that will have your drunk-butt humming all the way home!



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Mel & El: Our Time of the Month
Really bloody funny. Period.

When: Friday, December 16th at 7:00PM
Where: 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street at Canal, NYC
Tickets: $15, NO food or drink minimums 
(but CRAZY delicious food and drink available!)
Reservations here

Featuring our adorable composer Patrick Spencer Bodd playing every instrument!

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